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How to create a stress-free environment in your workplace?

How to create a stress-free environment in your workplace?

How to create a stress-free environment in your workplace?

More often than not, we feel discouraged and out of joints in many aspects of our lives. It may be due to financial crisis, lack of knowledge in maintaining a good relationship in our social circles, lack of peace in our family, social conflicts, and many more. We sometimes tend to show up our feelings of animosity or vehement hatred toward life aspects in our workplace. Colleagues are not your family members who can take things easy. They will simply either backfire or complain about your nasty behavior to the higher authorities. Consequently, you will end up losing your job.

The tag line is that you cannot create a stress-free environment in your workplace unless you are stress-free.

As you are reading this article, now you are showing up a little interest to know the ways to create a stress-free environment in your workplace.

Add personal items to your desk

If your workplace stresses you out, you can add some of your personal items on your desk to relieve your stress. For example, you can add meaningful quotes, your children's photos, inspiring artwork, books, a special lamp, favorite color or you can keep a flower vase on your desk. These sorts of things, it may be anything of your choice, would add some special meaning to you.

Keep your workplace clean

For many of us, it is difficult to focus on the job when their desk is filled with papers, sticky notes, business cards, magazines and newsletters. Cleanliness is essential to keep the stress out whether it is your office or workplace. Benjamin Disraeli says, “Cleanliness and order are not matters of instinct; they are matters of education, and like most great things, you must cultivate a taste for them.”

When you keep your workplace clean and organized, it will create a good mood to work.

Always respond, don’t react

Your communication should be as clear as crystal. If you are stressed out by your co-worker who speaking and laughing loudly in the office, find out a way to effectively communicate your frustration or concerns. When you see that things don’t fall in the place, for example your boss is shouting at you in the presence of others, always respond. Never show your reaction. You can easily turn away the wrath of your boss by speaking gentle words.

Improve work-life balance

If you find ourselves spending more time at the office than you'd like or you're feeling "burned out," you're probably not maintaining a healthy work-life balance. Finding the right work-life balance can make us productive at work while we feel more at ease and less stressed at home. You have to make a focused effort to draw clear lines between work life and home life—so your body and brain can relax, recover, and create more psychological distance between the two activities. 


We live in stressful times, and each of us deals with stress every day. Our schedules are getting busier than ever before, which often causes our work and our personal lives to suffer. We need to strike a perfect balance in every aspect of our lives.