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What is required to become a truly effective manager?

What is required to become a truly effective manager?

What is required to become a truly effective manager?

“Am I really fit as a fiddle?” 

“Am I physically and mentally ready to take a new position? Of course. It is a very big opportunity, but I am not sure whether things will work out for me”.

These turbulent thoughts eating away the brain of Francis, an experienced Team Leader, as he lay awake one whole night worrying about the new position he’d taken. He had run a small team of graphic designers for more than 5 years. In fact, he together with his team came through with flying colors with two highly successful projects. On the basis of the reputation as a team leader, he had been chosen by the company to take the position of General Manager for a start-up company in New York. 

Though he had sound experience as a team leader, he was nervous to take up the new role. Although his boss trusted Francis’s ability to lead the company, Francis was literally anxious and worried about living up to the expectations.

Do the nervousness and uneasiness of Francis sound similar? 

Despite having years of management experience, doubts and fear would often come to all of us when we go ahead to try our hands with the new higher designation. 

Steps to become an effective manager

  • Preparation: Management begins with you. Start each morning with a quick glance at the forthcoming events. Ask yourself how you can work on your goals. Before taking any quick decision, step back and consider how it might help you become better. If you are not willing to come out of your traditional way of working style or practice new approaches, you are unlikely to learn.
  • Listen and ask questions: If someone does not agree with your leadership style, don’t mute that person. Listen. Ask the opinions of your entire team: What do you think of this? How do you feel about that? This open two-way communication makes it easier to proactively identify problems and work together to create a mutually beneficially environment. It will also make your employees feel good about your management style.
  • Appreciate and recognize achievements: Every employee wants to do a good job. When they do a good job, employees want recognition from you since you are their reporting manager. Nowadays, it is rare to see the managers who recognize and reward employees for a job well done. The reality is that there are many things you as a manager can do to recognize employees that cost little or no money, are easy to implement, and that take only a few minutes to accomplish.

Concluding remarks

Managing people is not an easy task. It requires a diverse range of skills, but aspiring leaders can acquire them. Finally yet importantly, as a manager, you need to stay one step ahead of everyone else in terms of knowledge, maturity, and confidence.