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The top smart home trends of 2019

The top smart home trends of 2019

A smart voice assistant or a smart thermostat that functions in our domicile is no more a science fiction story. It is for the reason that we are living in the advanced age of smart home trends. Home automation technology has blended into our lives so seamlessly that smart homes have become more common than ordinary homes. Because of this, the number of smart homes has exceeded 42 million in the US by 2019.   

It is indubitably clear that the year 2018 was a whirlwind of technological advances in the home automation industry. The year has brought a series of evolutions in the smart home market by bringing higher quality and innovative products. 

In this article, we are discussing the top smart home trends that arose in 2018. 

  • High-tech security gadgets 

One of the most-recent advancements introduced by the smart home security sector is indeed its security cameras. While many other automated cameras issue alert when a person is at your doorstep, the high-tech security gadgets take it into the next level. It identifies the person by using facial recognition technology, and it notifies you that the person did/didn’t visit your home during a specific timeframe that you set. 

Another security device called Lighthouse is the only AI camera that allows you to know what happens at home when you are away. Lighthouse provides real-time updates through a security alert on issues that you really cared about (e.g. the attack of a thief). 

  • Temperature management

How would it be if you are able to control the temperature variations in your home? Trust me; it is no more a dream in this age of home automation. With the assistance of smart gadgets like Nest, you can monitor the heat of your room from a long distance (e.g., when you are commuting from office to home). 

Besides, today we are watching the progression of geofencing functionality in smart gadgets. This sophistication allows you to program the temperature in the room based on your presence. If you are moving from the living room to the bedroom, the temperature will change (increase/decrease) accordingly. This innovative trend in the home automation industry also happened in 2018.

  • High-tech entertainment 

In 2018, home theatre facilities adopted a massive makeover through smart home technology. Because of this change, several new smart devices such as online streaming became popular in the market. 

Studies reveal that by 2020, 50 percent of online searches would be done through voice assistants such as Alexa and Google Home. This finding indicates the possibility of more voice controlling features in the smart home theatre industry. In addition, studies explain that wireless surrounded-sound and virtual reality also will play a major role in the entertainment sector.

  • Smart furniture

Imagine, how your life would be if robots are able to convert into a bed, sofa, or closet on your demand? Yes, this dream has turned into reality through Ori robotic furniture system in 2018. 

With the press of a button or a command to Amazon Alexa, today we can turn a unit made of plywood into any furniture that we need. This was one of the greatest achievements in the milestone of smart home technology. 

  • Home utility management

Today, most of the house owners have a rearview picture of the energy consumption in their homes. However, the vast majority of them are getting shocked when the electricity bill arrives each month. This is where smart technology stepped into the picture in 2018. 

This technology strengthened the relationship between the house owner and utility companies by providing a more comprehensive view of energy consumption. It alerts the owner where they wasted energy through the provision of real-time monitoring.