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Four Programmatic Advertising Trends for 2020

Four Programmatic Advertising Trends for 2020

Four Programmatic Advertising Trends for 2020

In today’s digital era, capturing the attention of consumers is not an easy task. There are innumerable websites, applications, and other digital elements being viewed every day. The challenging part is to select the best place to put our advertisement; this is an intimidating task. This is where programmatic advertising comes in. 

Programmatic advertising

Programmatic advertising is the automated buying and selling of online advertising. This method makes transactions more effective, consolidating our digital advertising efforts in one technology platform.

While programmatic advertising established its position as the most important method of digital advertising, we now analyze four programmatic advertising trends that are likely to shape the future of programmatic advertising.

Mobile Video

Mobile video plays a crucial role in influencing the consumers to purchase the things or commodities Programmatic advertising through mobile video has several advantages. With development of smartphones, consumers are rapidly switching to mobile devices. Mobile video is the fastest way to reach consumers, and the users who watch video on their mobile phones are paying their full attention to video ads. In comparison with other digital advertising format, mobile video ad spending is growing faster.

Influence of In-App 

Nowadays, mobile users are shifting their focus from using mobile browsers to a wide range of apps for various purposes. This attraction towards in-app has forced advertisers to shift their attention towards in-app advertising. In addition, in-app advertising offers a better opportunity for marketers to target the right audience. Consumers can access anything with the swipe of a thumb. The reality is that consumers who use mobile apps tend to make more frequent purchases than the others who do not use apps.

Private Marketplace Transaction

Advertisers show keen interest to invest in solutions that offer them operational efficiency while keeping the optimum performance for each campaign. Private marketplace transactions are considered a major factor for driving down the fixed cost of media as they bridge the gap between traditional direct sales model and automated framework. Additionally, private marketplace transactions offer targeting capabilities through real-time programmatic auction. With private marketplace transactions offering efficiencies to a sales process, the ability to target specific audiences, and real-time optimization, private marketplace transactions will replace managed services in future.

Bringing Programmatic In-House

There are some concerns among marketers about bringing programmatic in-house. Before bringing programmatic in-house, there are many things to consider. Even though there are many benefits of bringing programmatic in-house, brands face a multitude of challenges. Lack of proper communication across organizations still creates silos when it comes to sharing information. This is not necessarily a concern, but more of an observation. If someone asks whether programmatic in-house is right for them, the answer lies in the importance that they would give for evaluating their assets, budget, time resources, and other factors before their brand decides to start programmatic in-house.


The programmatic advertising is the future of ad buying. However, at present, it is impossible to tell what portion of advertising is now traded programmatically, but it is definitely on the rise.