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Digital Marketing strategies for Startups

Digital Marketing strategies for Startups

Digital Marketing strategies for Startups

In this business-oriented world, starting your own business is probably one of the most beautiful feelings you can feel and be a part of. Starting your own business is a challenge, but also gives you the freedom to work in your own way. It offers you not one, not two, but an infinite number of opportunities to experience your ideas and put them into practice. This is a stage where you can formulate your strategies, work on them and show the world what you have to offer. Well, all these motivational phrases are cool to keep you excited and organize sustainable, but surely not enough when it comes to business. It must be understood that motivation if combined with good strategies, will pay off and help every new startup get through. This is the only reason why the success of most startups today depends on their marketing approach. Marketing has changed more in the last two years than in the previous 50 years.  

Marketing is fair to all and gives everyone an equal chance to prove their worth. While most start-ups can worry about marketing expenses, the fact is that it's no longer about knowing how much resources a company has to spend on marketing, but about having the right marketing strategy that would work best for the company. Today, digital marketing is important because it helps to educate people and maintain a steady flow of traffic. Thus, in this article, we will explore the best digital marketing tips and strategies for startups, and some techniques/tools that startups can use with minimal expenses to help them in their overall development.

Content is King – Content is the king and will always be the king of marketing or digital marketing, unfortunately, these are the most overlooked investments in launching a startup. You really need quality and reliable content to promote your product or service when you are in the early stages of your business. Content marketing is the least expensive digital marketing strategy that can be used because there are a number of independent authors who can write creative and quality content for your website. Digital marketing content comes in the form of blogs, videos, slides, etc. This is a very effective way of communicating with prospects and converting them into satisfied customers. If you agree with this strategy, it will not only help you make money, but it will also create a pool of people for you who will talk about your product. 

Analyze the Keyword – When you've characterized the niche, figure out how they're going to discover you. This is significant for your online life technique, substance, SEO, and Digital marketing. Begin with a small list of keywords that obviously characterize your product and services. Once you've defined the niche, learn how they're going to find you. This is important for your social media strategy, digital marketing content, and SEO. Start with a small list of keywords that clearly define your product. Then, expand it with long-tail keywords. Use free tools such as Google.

Start social-media marketing – Get your presence on the web right before launch! Having a social media presence can quickly boost your sales, especially when the product you are dealing with has something to do with youth. According to a report from a social media study, 90% of marketers confirmed that social media is important to their business and has generated visibility for their business.  Create a user-friendly website with the most relevant keywords, SEO tags, and visuals. Social media platforms are very easy to manipulate and give you a chance to interact with prospects, and it's a great promotional opportunity if they are well done. Flooding the audience with words and promotional phrases is not the way to do things. Interested customers would like to know what differentiates your product from the rest and educate them about the best qualities they have instead of just promoting.  Most people are visual learners they would like to see, feel and get hold of something before making another decision. So, set up different ways for customers to watch your product or service in action. A video on your website or YouTube is one way to do it.

Take advantage of free tools available online – When you have the right tools in hand, you will end up working smarter and faster than ever before. There are many tools that will help you collect and interpret data so that you can get a better overview of the activities taking place on your website.  Some of the best free tools you can take advantage of our Google's speed insights page, Google webmaster tool, Google keyword planner, Google Trends to name a few. There are many others. Find those who could help you the most without necessarily burning your pockets.

Involve your Target audience – Just bringing the visitor to your website is not where it ends. You have to engage them and keep them excited. You can organize a unique contest, several gifts, question and answer sessions, etc. to keep your audience excited. Do not always run after quantity because the valuable commitment of the public depends on the quality.  You can also invite your customers to contribute to your blog. Here are some tips and tricks that will have a huge impact, because engaging with your target audience will help you create better relationships with your customers.

Set KPIs – What metrics will allow you to define success? Make sure the metrics are measurable and specific. The evaluation of results is a crucial phase in any online marketing strategy because it allows seeing whether the objectives are really being reached and if necessary a reorientation of actions. To make this possible you must define a series of indicators or KPIs at each strategic point. The idea is that the KPIs are distributed in the conversion funnel from the first contact until it is monetized.

Define a budget – One of the fundamental questions of any marketing strategy is how much can I allocate for my startup marketing? Defining the budget requires a balance of income and expenses for the duration of your online marketing plan recommended are between one and three years. Once you understand the cash outflows and inflows of varying strategic marketing activities, you’ll be able to establish your profitability threshold and estimation of ROI.

E-mail Marketing – The best thing about email marketing is the return on investment (ROI) it has to offer. According to different statistics and studies, email marketing has an average ROI of 3,600% to 4,000%. Who would not want such a return on investment?  Most users check their emails daily. Email marketing is, therefore, suitable for small businesses. Email marketing is economical, fast, and convenient and can be used to provide essential data. So if you can have your emails delivered to the right place, it will be a good boost to your startup and it’s an essential part of digital marketing. 

Focus on short-term and long-term goals – Every startup wants to grow at a fast pace, so they often focus on short-term goals and generally ignore long-term goals, and that's a major mistake. While setting the goals of the startup’s marketing plan, it is necessary to think about goals and long-term goals, as it allows a small team to easily focus on big wins. It's understandable that it's hard to focus on long-term goals when you're trying to build your business first, but for long-term benefits, you have to do it.


Each company must find a startup plan for growth that makes sense according to the specific situation, opportunities, objectives, and resources. We hope this post on strategic digital planning will guide you with developing and maintaining a strategic fit between your start-up’s goals and capabilities and its changing marketing opportunities. Always be consistent and regular in the digital marketing strategies.