How technology is revolutionizing the travel industry

How technology is revolutionizing the travel industry

Technology is playing a key part in the transformation of all the sectors known to mankind. The adoption of contemporary technologies provides each and every sector with a significant advantage compared to the traditional ways the industries used to operate without the adoption of modern technologies.

Technology has also revolutionized the travel industry for the better, in such an unprecedented way by which a huge number of travelers are benefited from the deployment of new technologies as well as a still large number of people are looking to travel to their favorite destinations, which they otherwise would not do without the presence of the latest technologies.

Here are some ways technology is transforming the travel industry:

Smarter Software

Travel agencies are using smarter software that enables them to be more connected, proactive, and intuitive, allowing them to step into the next generation travel platforms. The smarter software allows the ahead-of-the-curve travel agencies to combine together a marketplace of traders to offer excursions and tours in a broad array of travel niches.

Virtual Reality

Virtual reality offers immense potential for the travel and tourism industry. Though many people think that virtual reality can replace travel by offering artificial experiences, it will actually have the opposite effect. Even though by the help of virtual reality, people can experience exotic locations from their living rooms, a great virtual experience can provide significant incentive to lure people to experience their favorite destinations in real and book their tickets.

Virtual reality can generate interest and propel bookings and it has been found that people are more interested to travel to a place after they take a virtual tour of that place as it provides them with an understanding and preview. Interested tourists can also take virtual tours of resorts and hotels that will provide them with an adequate feel of a place to make a decision.


Robotics can help the travel and tourism industry by helping with check-ins, translations, food service, and food. The Henn-na Hotel in the Japanese city of Nagasaki is the first hotel in the world to completely employ robots for all its operations. From receptionists to bellboys to room service attendants and food service waiters, all the needs of the customers are fulfilled by robots.

Instant Messaging

Automatic Instant Messaging application in the travel industry can send messages to the travelers especially when there is an important message to be transmitted on a priority basis such as the double booking of a hotel, cancellation of an excursion at the last minute, and other news such as that. Instant messaging platforms such as Facebook Messenger, WeChat, and WhatsApp have more monthly users all over the globe than Pinterest, Snapchat, and Instagram combined. This is one of the areas where technology can be used in the travel and tourism industry.

Social Media Driven Marketing

Even though the traditional approach of brands and creative agencies was to rely on conventional magazine advertisement and TV campaigns, the emphasis is now put on social media and influencer marketing strategy. Tourists are sharing their traveling experiences online, offering tourist information, valuable insights, and inspiring one another free of charge.

Focus on Sustainable Ways of Travel

With the rising concerns with regard to climate change and environmental degradation, the modern technology and a host of new-age startups have come up with numerous ways and innovations with a focus on sustainable way of energy consumption, water usage, waste generation, and many more areas where travelers and tourists will have significantly lower carbon footprints and adopt more eco-friendly ways while enjoying their vacations.