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How mobile phones are changing the way of conducting businesses

How mobile phones are changing the way of conducting businesses

How mobile phones are changing the way of conducting businesses

Today, mobile phones are changing the way of doing business. It is no longer strange to see how millions of employees in the world access company resources from anywhere and remain connected at all times through cell phones and tablets. 

Technology has literally changed all aspects of the way businesses operate and mobility is "the next big thing." Even Google is giving priority to websites that facilitate mobile browsing. With mobile technology, everything from customer relationships, content marketing, and sales can be done with just one click. Although new businesses often incorporate all kinds of new technologies at all levels of work, the truth is that there are still many, both new and longer, who do not know how mobile devices benefit businesses. Today we will explain it in detail with this post.

Ways the mobile phone is changing the business landscape

It is indisputable that, currently, any business will be much more efficient, in all aspects, if it has technological devices that facilitate all kinds of tasks. Starting with modern cash registers and computers, the thing has been scaling up to have smartphones with which to interact with employees, tablets that allow you to show your product catalog to customers, programs with which to make very simple and very satisfactory satisfaction surveys fast.

The technology, in particular, mobile devices, enables us to give more quality and efficiency to our company; using them to work at all levels and thereby achieving the maximum of perfection and achieving better management in the company. Let's see how there are 4 direct benefits of using mobile devices to manage the business. Of course, these could be broken down into many more, but for today, let's get to the basics.

  • Provides the freedom to work anytime, anywhere –  These days, no matter where work takes you, as long as you have a cell phone signal, you can go from one meeting to another while staying up to date on everything that is happening. Smartphones make it possible to check e-mails, do accounting, keep up to date on news and speak to customers directly from anywhere in the world.
  • You can reach a wider audience via social media – Small businesses are using social networking apps to make their word of mouth marketing. For instance, kanui, an online sports retailer, decided to use this to its advantage after noting that sports companies with a physical store are lagging behind in product offerings. Knowing that most of its target audience used the Facebook app on their smartphones, the company started using social media to promote its equipment to athletes, by offering users a lot of content to share on how to skate, surf or cycle, and how to dress.

And, the result is – In the first year of the campaign, in 2012, Kanui reportedly increased its sales by 9,000% and now has an impressive 4 million followers on Facebook, making it one of the most successful startups using social media in Brazil.

  • Helps in accounting applications – Smartphones have enabled startups to use efficient accounting applications, saving time and money. The QuickBooks applications for tablets and smartphones, have a wide platform that allows you to monitor cash flow, inventory control, and electronic invoice issuance in a single interface. No matter where you travel, accounting doesn't have to be a hassle or something you leave until you return to your PC; these applications make it easy to keep your finances up to date even on the go.
  • All your transactions can happen through internet banking via mobile phone – With digital transformation; people are increasingly using digital tools to solve day-to-day demands. Therefore, companies must make sure their websites are compatible with cell phones. Customer expectations have changed in the past decade and they want to be able to buy and pay for products on their smartphones and subscribe to services. 

For example, Nubank, a startup company in Latin America, has successfully captured this market by developing a Master Card credit card service that is used and managed from your cell phone. This reduced waiting times and costs associated with using credit cards at bank branches. The card was so popular at the beginning of its launch that it reached 200,000 records of interested users.

Wrapping Up

With approximately 1.2 billion cell phone users all over the world, today mobile technology is recognized as a powerful business ally. This can not only help you reach a new broad and wide market, but it can also make your business much more productive. 

Also, by using financial management software like QuickBooks, Organizations can manage their finances and will be on the way to become a thriving and successful business leader.