Blockchain technology in advertising & marketing sector

Blockchain technology in advertising & marketing sector

As per blockchain experts, 2019 is going to be huge for the advertising and marketing sector as the technology is all set to revolutionize the industry along with a diverse array of industries.

Now, the question is, what does the adoption of the blockchain technology by advertisers and marketing professionals will mean for the advertising and marketing sector?

The answer is, it will change the way advertising and marketing communication has been done traditionally and will open up a wide range of possibilities and transformations in the domain.

Let’s take a look at the ways blockchain technology can revolutionize the advertising and marketing sector:

1. Brands will be able to target customers more effectively

Blockchain has the potential of eliminating the middlemen from advertising, more so from digital marketing. The transparency of the blockchain technology will at first assist brands in developing trust with customers.

2. Blockchain will be able to resolve privacy concerns and enhance the trust of the advertiser

Blockchain technology will provide users with control over the amount of personal information they disclose thereby enabling them to address privacy concerns from their end. The technology also promotes social responsibility from the end of the advertisers.

3. The fraud verification sector will increase

Blockchain will make online advertising more transparent and less complicated. Blockchain can also foresee the advertisers most likely to engage in fraudulent behaviors and raise red flags to the audience. Blockchain will also enable the audience to corroborate who, how and where ads run.

4. Blockchain will remove the media middleman

Advertising and marketing startups in the blockchain space are popping up and it attempts to tokenize the behavior of users and provide a form of credit system between the customers and the advertisers that totally gets rid of the numerous middlemen managing big media.

5. Reporting and delivery will change

Video content delivery was the first marketing area to be affected by blockchain last year. Blockchain will also help advertisers to optimize their assets, control their delivery, and ensure the proper tracking.

6. Blockchain will reduce the number of influencers and ensure quality

Blockchain technology is going to reduce the number of influencers drastically and will make sure that that the genuine top influencers are able to interact with the public. By using blockchain, advertisers and marketers can see that if the followers of influencers are genuine or just are bots.

7. Blockchain will ensure that advertising is more transparent

By analyzing and corroborating the information provided in the marketing and advertising materials, blockchain will be able to make sure that the advertising is more transparent.

8. Blockchain will address various issues associated with the advertising sector

Blockchain will address various issues associated with the advertising sector as there are several blockchain projects underway that can provide solutions around fraud prevention or payment processing within the ad exchange environment. Other challenges blockchain can address are in the areas of measurement, publisher/advertiser transactions, and invoice reconciliation.

9. Blockchain will make publishers more accountable

As transactions become more transparent, blockchain technologies have the potential to make publishers more accountable. Blockchain technology will reveal everything, enhancing attribution and decreasing fraud.