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Is Work From Home a Great Option to Use?

Is Work From Home a Great Option to Use?

Is Work From Home a Great Option to Use?

Some best organizations in the world have created best working environments holding facilities such as cafeterias, coffee shops, gyms, relaxation lounges with massage chairs, playhouses with Wii consoles, arcade games, and billiard tables. Even some companies go to an extent to have their floor lobby with different designs, incorporating global architectural elements, like the Park Guell in Barcelona. Who wouldn’t want to work in a place like that?

In addition to the top-class working environment, even though there is an emotional angle to coming to work and meeting people and even some jobs involve a high level of security and requires employees to come to work to physically access systems, yet, during special requirements, many people would prefer work from home. 

From the companies’ point of view

Some entrepreneurs found that those who consistently work from home are not the most efficient or productive people. From the companies’ point of view, there are two issues that make work from home unattractive, namely, security and bandwidth.

Many companies consider that there are certain kinds of work that can only be done in the office. For example, a trade transaction approval cannot be performed remotely. That is, customer queries can be handled from home but when it comes to transaction, it has to be done from office. Some countries, like India, even have laws around certain types of work nor being allowed to be done outside office premises.

With regard to bandwidth issue, the bandwidth providers in apartment complexes are unable to handle the load as many are working from home during this COVID-19 pandemic. The irony is even in normal times, networks are sometimes patchy.

On the contrary, some entrepreneurs opine that work from home is highly suitable when an employee needs some focused time. They consider that work from home increases productivity because employees actually work their full shift, whereas in the office, employees might be delayed by traffic or take long hours for having lunch. 

A study by Nicholas Bloom, a Stanford Professor, indicated the fact that people at home are able to concentrate better. The study says, “The office is actually an amazingly noisy environment.”

From the employees’ point of view

Some employees consider work from home as a means to learn self-motivation, self-discipline, focus, and concentration. In this way, they feel that they are truly independent. Also, they opine that they can actually be more productive when working from home (as long as they are not sneaking off to yoga class and hitting the mall). They also feel that they won’t have the occasional annoyances of office life such as interruptions, loud coworkers, chatter, and so on.

One size does not fit all

If you are the one who like remote jobs, you better consider some of the potential advantages and pitfalls before you log in from home. 

The reason is that the phrase “work from home” itself is so catchy, making you to imagine as if you are working from your couch. Sounds simple, right? 

But for doing this, you ought to possess an important skill—that is, time management and scheduling. 

Always keep this mantra in your mind, “One size does not fit all.” The reason is that when it comes to work from home, everyone is different. What is possible for Michael is not possible for Mamtha. Your productivity and success as a work-from-home employee entirely depends on your preferred working style. 

We are all different, and some of us can’t figure out how to work with a nearby TV and all our home comforts around us, while others find it easy to focus among office chatters and other distractions. Yes. People are different.

As a final message, if you approach a work-from-home option with the right attitude, you will do a better job and reap the advantages that come with it.