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Tips to resume your professional life after being a mother

Tips to resume your professional life after being a mother

Tips to resume your professional life after being a mother

Without a doubt, being a mom is one of the most important moments in the life of women. The decision to face the challenge, the changes it implies and the modification of priorities in life are situations that accompany the decision to become a mother and face a different and special challenge in life.

However, for many women, motherhood can be seen as a limiting factor in professional development. The effort made to achieve academic and work goals, the time required to plan new possibilities and fully develop responsibilities, among others, are often put on the table when making the decision that will change a life. For this reason, it is common for doubts to arise such as what happens now with my career? How do I continue with that other part of my life? Will I have a chance after pregnancy?  

Thus, it is natural that going back to work after being a mother and dedicating four to six months to the child is very painful, both on the emotional and professional side. However, in this period of transition, it is important to set well-defined objectives and vigorously resume the pace.

For this reason, whatever path you are considering taking, we have listed some tips that can help you to not stop your professional career after being a mother

  • Plan your return.

Try to talk to your boss before resuming your activities to understand how your return will be and see with him how to manage this new phase. As you will probably be breastfeeding, see if there is a space for you to express the milk and store it properly. And with that in mind, try to see with your boss if you can get back to work in the middle or at the end of the week. So you can organize yourself better.

  • Prepare a stockpile of food for your child.

Be sure to express the milk only the day before. Reserve good space in the freezer and stock as much food as possible. It is not always easy to express milk, and if for some reason you are unable or unable to see the bottle, you will be at ease knowing that your child will not go hungry, as there is a good supply of milk.

  • Take care of your appearance; it will make you feel good.

Since it is common to gain a few pounds during pregnancy, before returning to work, buy clothes that fit you well and that helps to keep the costume you were wearing before going on maternity leave. Maintaining self-esteem will make you feel more confident when you return to work. 

  • Do not keep your emotions.

Count on your spouse, family, and friends to talk about what you are feeling. To be more relieved, try to find mothers who have been through this. It doesn't matter if you are going to cry during the conversation, the important thing is not to close yourself up. Another tip is to find out how your baby is doing throughout the day. If you live nearby, see if there is a chance to go see him. If not, ask your caretaker to send you pictures or call to reassure you.

  • Avoid exhaustion.

Being a mother and a professional is not easy, so avoid juggling and count on the help of your spouse and family, before you reach an emotional breakdown. Think about having a nanny and someone to take care of the house. The fewer the tasks, the lighter is the adaptation. And to avoid stress and running, organize your next day the night before.

  • Don't be afraid to say no.

Know your limits. You may have to say no to the things you would have had said yes back there. So, think carefully before accepting to be part of a big project in the company or take on that client that will demand too much from you.


Following recommendations, learning about reference cases and setting priorities are some of the aids women have to take measures regarding their professional development and their role as mothers. However, the most important thing is to be able to have the decision-making capacity and the awareness that, whatever alternative is taken, this stage is a new life and its impact now affects more than one.