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Tips to build a healthy corporate culture

Tips to build a healthy corporate culture

Tips to build a healthy corporate culture

When there are only four or five employees, the company's culture is so attractive and bright that the team is able to recite the values and mission of the business. But, as the company grows, the organizational culture gets diluted among the new employees and loses its strength which they had ingrained before.

 This happens mostly because entrepreneurs see their business as a cake recipe: instead of focusing on the basic ingredients first, they add more and more yeast to see the cake grow faster and bigger without the main ingredient. And, this tends the result to be very short-lived which may break-down one day. 

Therefore, one of the most important ingredients for having a strong company is the organizational culture of the business; it is like the flour that connects all the other ingredients. At one point, you can even argue that creating and maintaining such a culture is not as easy as it sounds. But, with good strategic planning and dedication, the entrepreneurs can cultivate a good corporate culture environment so that employees can feel enthusiastic and fully participate in the development of the company. 

So, if you are a newbie to this entrepreneur world, then the below tips will help you to build a good corporate culture which not only will benefit the serving employees, but also can attract more talented people from other companies.

  • Define your company culture

Many companies have mission, vision, and values, but sometimes they are just beautiful words hanging on the wall and have nothing to do with the employee’s behavior. Corporate culture is a shared business culture, where a group of people share values and feeling for the success of the organization.

A practical way to redefine the culture of a company is to ask the employees to describe the best features of the company honestly – what they like most about working here, as well as what new workers can expect from it. 

Be open-minded, attentive, and ready to receive comments from your employees to improve your business services and to readjust the definition of the company culture. By communicating with your team, you will know what it feels to work in your organization.  And you can establish other expectations and improve the work environment to create a good corporate culture. Remember, the opinions of your employees are important.

  • Employees should have the freedom to make decisions 

Usually, employee freedom is reduced as companies grow. Over time, workers prefer to simply go to work, follow orders and leave on time. The commitment towards the company as a whole comes to zero and the chances of success also get reduced. 

Luckily, not all workers fall into this apathy and they decide that their work must have meaning.  This has a direct and positive effect: they are able to contribute ideas and make correct decisions without relying on their managers. That is, they have a high degree of autonomy that enhances performance and commitment towards the company. A good corporate culture must recognize, facilitate and enhance this autonomy and freedom of employees to make decisions that favor the whole organization.

  • Enhance team Cohesion

The Company where the employees do not work as a team is likely to see failure in the near future. For example, if you have ever watched a football match, you must have seen the players play as a team to goal and win the match. Similarly, the employees should also work towards a common goal to achieve success. They should work together, encourage each other and communicate effectively. 

Each team member is indispensable and should work for the company’s goal as a whole, not individually. A great corporate culture must unite all its employees and make them see that they are part of one family. Only by going in the same direction you can reap success.

  • Implement and live your company culture 

The leader should be an example and should stay consistent between what you say and do; your actions speak louder than your words. A company that talks about values, but behaves in the opposite way is not an attractive environment for employees. It is very important that as a leader, as you are a constant example of the culture you want to create and make known. Only then your team will adopt the company's values as theirs because they will see your sincerity and trust them.


The 4 steps above can be applied to any context. The collaborative cultures are innovative, digital and chocked with priority to change the world for the better are trendy. But you don't have to be original or innovative in your values to successfully create an excellent corporate culture. However, all major changes take time. It’s just you need to take all the necessary steps to change and ensure long-term success.