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How to Protect Mobile Phone from Cyber Threats?

How to Protect Mobile Phone from Cyber Threats?

How to Protect Mobile Phone from Cyber Threats?

When was the last time you went out with your family or friends and had a perfect weekend— possibly at the mall, restaurant, or a theatre? Hard to remember? Nowadays, we have engrossed so much into the daily schedules that when the weekend arrives, we like to sit at home and relax. Instead of going out, we like to perform all tasks— food delivery, Netflix, and grocery shopping, under own roof. All thanks to our trusted mobile phone and its latest applications, which made our life easy but also somewhere wrapped us at home.  

Today, we have millions of mobile phone applications available in the Apple App Store and Google Play Store. But how many of them we usually download and use? According to the latest survey, we have more than 80 mobile apps installed on our phones. Out of those, we use 9 mobile apps daily and 30 each month. Here, we commit our first mistake. We install many such applications that we seldom use and hence, expose our phone to high risk.


Let me ask a simple question. How many of you click on the ‘I agree’ option without going through the entire terms and conditions while downloading an application? Very honest, most of us!  And here, we commit the second mistake. 

There are many apps, which ask for access to your contact, gallery, or location while downloading them. Until you will not provide them that access those apps will not allow you to proceed further. So, ultimately we have to click on the ‘I agree’ button and give them access. But in this whole process, are you aware that those apps consist of serious malware? Yes, you heard it correctly! 

A few months back, we all received a notification mentioned deleting Cam Scanner. This is because experts working for Kaspersky revealed that Cam Scanner consists of serious malware that can steal our confidential data from our devices. However, this is not the only occurrence. According to Equifax — a credit monitor firm, 143 million of the US consumers lost their personal information when their website was hacked. 

Need for a robust security system

Your mobile phone is not only for communication purposes but also an all-in-one device, where you can save all your personal information. If stolen, it may lead to identity and financial losses. So with just a few basic tips you can secure your mobile phone and apps and keep cyber criminals away from stealing your data. Here is the list.

  • Keep your phone password protected
  • Always use Auto-lock system
  • Avoid saving password 
  • GPS, Bluetooth, and wireless features — turn them off
  • Be careful when using Wi-Fi network
  • Read the terms and conditions while downloading any application 
  • Always keep a back of your important information
  • Don’t forget to enable remote tracking service

Concluding note

Cyber-security is not something that can be achieved overnight. It’s a process that takes time to manage and complete. So, without wasting time, start adopting these basic tips, which can help you to secure your device.