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How Parent-Child Relationship is Affected by Social Media?

How Parent-Child Relationship is Affected by Social Media?

How Parent-Child Relationship is Affected by Social Media?

Those days were so pleasant. Members of every family were emotionally attached to one another. All the members would often sit together at the dining place and have their meals exchanging stories, happenings, and suggestions. In thousands of ways, they would often converse with each other, using different words and systems. This enhanced their ability to converse.

But nowadays, in this era of social media, relationships in many families have been drastically changed. With the rise of technology, people have everything except time. They always get attached to social media so that they have no time to spend with their family. Social media has estranged children from their parents and vice versa. Even if they come to the dinner table, they are focused on their smartphones, ignoring the other members seated next to them at the table.

  • No face-to-face conversation

Excessive use of social media can have an effect on a healthy parent-child relationship. Parents are more distracted and less in tune with their kids if they rely excessively on their smartphones. Parents who spend an excessive amount of time on websites such as Twitter, YouTube, and so on are likely to neglect their children or leave them unattended for a short time while absorbed in social media information.

Parents and children no longer have face-to-face talks even if they are only a short distance away or within the same room. What a deplorable condition!

  • Where are they going?

Not only parents but also their children are wasting their precious time on social media. There is a saying, “Time well utilized is time well spent.” But, on the contrary, today’s young generation is wasting time on chatting, messaging, uploading photographs, and modifying profiles. One valid question is: Where are they going? The in-depth meaning of this question can be tacitly understood. What on earth they are going to achieve after wasting their time.

  • Needs attention

The central issue with parents and younger children is the time social media steals away from them. Children find more games to play and parent find more videos to watch, which leads them to disconnect from each other while finding comfort in something else. They are disconnected from the real world to connect to the virtual world. This disconnect creates gaps in parent-child relationships. Therefore, the excessive use of social media not only creates a gap in parent-child relationships but also affects the psychological well-being of both parents and children.

In conclusion

God asked Adam, “Where are you?” God was concerned about the condition of Adam. In a similar vein, this article discusses the condition of parents and children and how social media affect their relationship.