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Four Ways to Reduce Mobile App Development Cost

Four Ways to Reduce Mobile App Development Cost

Four Ways to Reduce Mobile App Development Cost

We have been witnessing a greater transformation in the business sector since mobile applications started gaining popularity. For the past five years, entrepreneurs are looking at switching their business by starting mobile apps to increase business exposure, improve customer loyalty, and build stronger brands. However, each time when businesses think about developing a mobile app, one sudden question immediately pops up in their mind: how much would be the production cost. Unfortunately, it exceeds their allocated budget most of the time. And, because of this trouble, the vast majority of them hold off their ‘application dream’ or gives it up.

As businesses, you need to conceive the fact that no one factor can decide your app’s total cost. Learning how to build your app and what factors can contribute to its overall cost will help you decide the best affordable options that can turn your app idea into reality. 

Here are a few tips that can help you reduce mobile app development costs. 

  • Find an Affordable Partner

One of the major reasons contributing to the high price of mobile app development is an association with the wrong and expensive partner. Businesses mostly collaborate with costly in-house development while they can avail of the global talent pool and cost-effective development opportunities.

A study conducted by Forrester reports that 38 percent of the top decision-makers decide to outsource their mobile app projects because of the expertise offered by their outsourced partner. They always understand the average cost for each geographical location and select the most efficient and affordable one for their enterprise. 

  • Build a Cross-Platform Application 

While creating an app, some businesses make the mistake by developing different versions for both iOS and Android. That means they need to pay for two apps instead of one. Building a cross-platform app can be the best cost-reducing option to overcome this mistake. Such apps can be accessible to all the major platforms while it functions like native apps. Also, it can cut down development costs by 30-40 percentage. 

A few examples of the cross-platform app are; PhoneGap, Xamarin, NativeScript, Sencha Touch, and Appcelerator.

  • Utilize App Design Templates 

It takes a lot of time for the UI and UX design process while you develop a mobile app. Also, building such apps from scratch can cost more. Thus, utilizing free UI kits and templates available online is the perfect option to reduce the cost. You must find varied free designs like simple, elegant, versatile, and complex prototypes that you can use directly or through customization. 

Some of the free kits are:

  • Free eCommerce UI Kit 
  • Fair Mobile UI Kit 
  • Elegance iOS UI Kit 
  • Flat Mobile App UI 
  • Facebook Material Design 
  • Android Material Design 
  • Music App UI 
  • Spool UI Kit 
  • Adopt Agile methodology

Developers can break down the tasks into smaller cycles during the creation of larger apps. Since smaller chunks of work are easier to manage for the developers and customers, businesses can preferably opt for an agile methodology. Implementing such project management can facilitate rapid development, project specification compliance, and budget control. Also, it enables developers and testers to work together and speed up the process.