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Leadership Can Be Developed Only Through Practice

Leadership Can Be Developed Only Through Practice

Leadership Can Be Developed Only Through Practice

Leadership is a hot subject. Just like that, you cannot become a leader. Because you have gained an MBA degree from the so-and-so university, it does not mean that you will become a top-notch leader. Because you have enough capital to start a company in your young age, it does not mean you are a good boss. Leadership is a skill that has to be practiced through sheer practice over the years. Rome cannot be built overnight, right. 

To be a good leader, you have to undergo and learn many things.

  • Patience

First, you have to learn patience. Patience does not mean holding silence throughout the day. Patience is something superior to silent. Being patient means, you should not lose your temper, be crying out loud, or let loose your emotional baggage. You should keep the flag flying in the face of adversity. You should be considered one among in grey suits, not the one in white coats.

Whenever you are down, say to yourself, “I am always full of beans. I won’t beat a hasty retreat”.

  • Understanding others

Understanding others is a great quality. You will not be able to understand others, unless you have mastered patience. Try to understand your teammates. You will never find success if you continue to work at cross purposes with your teammates. To understand others, you need proper training. When you have trained up your mind as clear as day, everything will click into place. 

  • Be skillful

You have to prove your teammates that you are skillful. Some would say, “Hide your light under a bushel”. In a corporate culture, it won’t work out. You have to show your talents so that everyone in your team will put their trust in you. Look, who will believe a dying duck in a thunderstorm? You should be knowing how to strike the right cord.

  • Encourage others

Employees are much more motivated to do a better job when they are recognized for their hard work not by using carrot-and-stick approach. Try to give more power to your employees’ elbows. 

  • Vision

You should visualize your future beyond your wildest dreams. You should not run your company by guess and by God. Your success story should be written in uppercase, not in italics. Your success story should not be like a tale of Aladdin’s lamp, in which the hero finds a magic lamp in a cave and discovers that rubbing it summons a powerful genie who is able to carry out all his wishes. 

Punch Line

Leadership is the combination of character and performance. Go for character. Develop for performance. Keep your behavior consistent. See to that your employees should not feel that you are blowing hot and cold. 

Last but not least, always know the fact that you are capable of forming a whole new ball game.