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How to handle insecurity at work?

How to handle insecurity at work?

How to handle insecurity at work?

John has just entered a new company as a content editor in a software industry. He worked in more than four companies within 5 years in the same profile. Although he has a wide range of both technical and non-technical knowledge in the field, yet he cannot put up more experience in one company. His resume has been affected by his unstable attitude. What could be the solid reason for his instability? The reason is nothing else, but the feeling of insecurity.

Insecurity is a mental disease

Feeling insecure in the workplace is like a ship without a sail stuck in stormy waters. John has developed internal fear, which hindered his career growth. Yes. Insecurity within oneself can thwart a successful career before it ever gets off the ground. Even in the new company, John is not able to see the past end of his nose.

Feelings of insecurity leave us excessively dependent on external factors — appreciation, praise, and promotions. Even then, the feeling of achievement is generally temporary. Soon after, we turn inward, digging inside ourselves for a vein of confidence that remains elusive.

The following are the ways to overcome the insecurity.

  • Lack of Progress

You’re watching people getting promotion all around you and you’re worried that you’re not advancing as fast as others. Don’t let that negative feeling pull you down. Focus on your work. Sit down with your higher authority and discuss what you need to do to grow and start moving forward. Get clear on your expectations and then figure out how to exceed them!

  • Inadequate salary

Don’t talk about your salary in the office environment, but chances are you’ve been observant enough to know (ballpark) what the people around you are making. If this makes you feel frustrated, remember to ask this question: what could you be doing to qualify for a raise? Talk to your boss. Look around for other jobs, especially if you feel you are not being rewarded for your skillset and work level.

  • Lack of Social Skills

If you feel your social skills are not quite up to par, start stepping up. If you are really stuck, there are many resources out there for improving your social skills. Make use of them! And if you feel that you do not have recognition for your job, start looking for ways to make yourself stand out a bit more. Take on high-profile projects, come early, stay late, and many more. A few calculated risks can put you in a much better position to be noticed and then valued.

Concluding remarks

Remember that everyone makes mistakes. Be punctual, do your job well, present yourself professionally, and you should be in good stead. There’s no better way to combat your insecurity than to achieve beyond even your own expectations.