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How to Deal With Ego in the Workplace?

How to Deal With Ego in the Workplace?

How to Deal With Ego in the Workplace?

Instruction: Read this article slowly. You will understand some important truths in life.

Is it wrong to act in office with self-respect? The answer is NO. At the same time, we should not behave like an egomaniac in the name of self-respect. Here is a sneaky small truth about life. Regardless of religion, race, caste, gender, age, blah, blah, blah, everyone has an ego. Some employees behave in the office as if they were born-saints. They cover themselves with a pretentious hypocritical image in which they love being called “innocent” by others. In reality, they are not. Wolf in sheep’s clothing. What else to say?

See, if there is ego, there would be clash. Natural, right? 

In this big, big world, if you see a particular team in the office (e.g., may be your team) or the whole office working quietly, it means everyone is pretending. Did you ever think why they are acting like that? Don’t think. Waste of time.

Forget about those saints working in the office. Now let us discuss ordinary human beings working in the ordinary workplace.

Moreover, this article is for ordinary human beings who wants to know how to deal with their ego in the workplace.

Shall we start?

Wait, wait, wait… only if you want to know how to deal with ego, you can continue reading. Otherwise, just give ALT+F4.

Want to know?

Okay. Shall we start?

Be diplomatic

When you find someone bragging about accomplishments, ask them direct questions that require factual answers. For example, if one of your friends is boasting that he earned a PhD in Oxford College in the UK, you can ask like this, “In the UK, there are 39 Oxford Colleges, may I know which one you are talking about?”. Then see what happens next? Your friend’s voice will automatically go down, down, and down. Your friend will come to know that you do know the facts. Then your friend’s ego never crosses your side again.

Encourage those who are weak in your team

“Weak” in the sense—encourage those who feel ignored in your team. Yes. That is very important. Encouraging others is a great professionalism. Is it cost you anything, when you encourage others?

“Encouraging others?…  Ahh.. It is very easy. I can easily do that.” — This may be your mind voice, right. 

The fact is it is not that easy.

If you are an egoistic person, you cannot encourage others. Even if you try to encourage, it looks artificial. Encouragement is a feeling. You cannot give others unless your spirit and thoughts are in a free mode. 

You may say, “Many times, I encourage others”. Wow! Is it so? You encouraged many times? Can I suggest your name for Oscar Award? Then, what man? If it is true, why those friends whom you have encouraged cannot talk with you freely? What stops them to move with you freely? Because while you were encouraging, you already had left them with a feel that your standard is more higher than them. That is why, they cannot have a smooth relationship with you. Even though you talk to them like a butter in the bun, you are still, still, still, still an unapproachable wall to them. It is all because of your attitude. Yes, your EGOISTIC attitude.

First, come out of your ego and learn how to encourage others. Encouraging others is an art. You cannot learn through Google. Clean your mind. Then, you can see that words of encouragement flow easily from you.


This article is not written to put you in a guilty mode. Just think, where you are. That’s enough. You are not asked to behave like Mother Teresa. You are just asked to move freely with others without any ego. That’s it.