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How to Become a Responsible Employee ?

How to Become a Responsible Employee ?

How to Become a Responsible Employee ?

“Congratulations! You have done a great job with that project. The management is happy that you are more responsible for the success of our company. And, we admire your struggle and perseverance.” 

As an employee, we all look forward to hearing suchlike appreciation from our boss. But, most of the time, it doesn’t happen.

Despite we feel like we have successfully done our part, the management may not give value to our effort every time. It may be because the management sees other employees who are efficient than us, or we might have failed (unintentionally) in meeting their employee expectations. Whatever the reason may be, this ignorance easily makes us disappointed. 

What we should realize first is pushing ourselves out of comfort zones to take on more responsibility is the only way to grow. It can be uncomfortable and hard at times, but it results in real progress within an organization. 

Try these ways to get more involved at work and let your colleagues see you shine. 

  • Make Discussion with Your Boss

If you usually don’t talk to your boss, try to conduct one face-to-face interaction in his or her free time. Once you get the face time with each other, try to be decent, and understand if there are any additional projects that you can take up. It will sound good if you make it a discussion rather than asking direct questions to the boss. Politely share your innovative thoughts and let the person know how you are an asset to the company’s future. For this, gather some concrete ideas in your mind prior to the discussion, and suggest the areas where you can get more involved.  

  • Be Proactive 

You shouldn’t wait for someone else to give you the light green every time. Take yourself an initiative to perform tasks before the other person asks you to do it. It will be more effective if you identify the task and falling through the cracks and achieve the target. At that time, your foresight will be appreciated. 

In addition, once you have crossed your company’s expectations and consistently presenting great works and ideas, the management will let you take initiative for different projects in the future. 

  • Help Stressed Coworker

To take on more, look for the coworker who needs help at work. Don’t feel bad to be in the other department of the organization. Also, make sure that you are not overwhelming yourself with others' work and professional privacy. Once you find a person who needs your help, give them that favor.

In addition, while entering to the other department, be careful about victimizing credit hogs. Certainly, there will be people who will assign you some works, and then take the credit. Learn to identify those coworkers and try to avoid them.  

  • Be Up-to-date 

Organizations need employees who are enthusiastic about acquiring new knowledge of their industry changes. One simple tip to keep yourself updated with the trends is to set up a ‘Google Alert’ on your desktop for topics that are relevant to your field. It will lead you to the current changes happening in the market. 

Besides, once you prove your expertise in upgrading, the company will trust you more on assigning new projects coming up.