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Applications for entrepreneurs to enhance business productivity

Applications for entrepreneurs to enhance business productivity

Applications for entrepreneurs to enhance business productivity

Time seems to elude entrepreneurs; they do not know where to turn or what is coming up next. Whether you’re punching client deadlines, solving cash flow dramas or leading a project either alone or in the group. Mastering your personal productivity will help you become more profitable.

Luckily, the digital era has given rise to a wave of free productivity apps that cover most aspects of a project, from communication to resource sharing, organization, and work distribution. These apps are designed to take the pain out of entrepreneurship and streamline your professional life.

Here are some of the best apps to improve your productivity, especially on missions to be done in a group. These are the best applications for communicating with your co-workers for task sharing, collaborative document and file management applications, as well as note-taking, time management, and planning applications. 

Slack – It's one of the best apps to communicate with colleagues. Slack is a professional tool for managing projects and communicating between teams. The principle of slack is to bring together all the discussions under one platform.

Here are some other reasons to download this application:

  • This app brings the professional platform to message in large companies
  • Find all your pro discussions and files together.
  • You can access all your messages on your devices

Trello – The tool lets you organize everything in one place: a custom, flexible mural with an attractive interface. The application screen of trello is divided into custom columns such as “to do”, “progress” and “completed”.  Columns include checklists, photos, videos, and comments. All work is synchronized and automatically saved to the cloud, which ensures access to any device connected to the internet. The tool is free and compatible with iOS and Android systems.

Evernote – Have you ever imagined a tool in which you can jot down all your ideas and insights in the form of notes, photos, audios, and videos? Now, you can with Evernote. This cross-platform app lets you scan and store expense receipts, clip WebPages and collate reference material in one location and doubles as a central repository for your business.

The app keeps, organizes and shares everything in one place. You can still sync these notes between your phone, tablet, desktop, and other mobile devices.

Wunderlist – This app acts as a universal interactive diary to plan business meetings or personal time for entrepreneurs.  The described business application is implemented with the sharing function of multiple users and is actively used by business people to create and control a to-do list. Interactive program functionality implies collective interaction between employees of different departments and divisions of the company. The implemented functions are relevant for business of any size. 

The software is supported by devices served by popular operating systems, in particular: Android, macOS, iOS. Wunderlist is also distributed as an integral extension for the Chrome browser under MS Windows. Also, this application is regarded as the TOP 10 best business programs that allow you to work with both one-time and regularly repeated tasks.


From shared online spreadsheets to team management applications to premium CRM. Using productivity applications in your business is virtually the obligation of any business owner, entrepreneur, or team manager, whether in sales or anywhere else in the business. This variety of apps makes life easier and more relaxing for entrepreneurs.