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How a Global Software Company is Simplifying the Complex Fuel Logistics Industry Through Innovative Solutions

Sid Gaitonde, SR. VP and General Manager, PDI Logistics Solutions

The logistics and supply chain industry today is in a state of transition. The fuel logistics sector, in particular, is undergoing an unprecedented transformation driven by rapid tech innovation, changing consumer expectations, and strict regulations. More than ever, businesses need end-to-end visibility and control across their entire operation to manage the complexity of fuel delivery and provide exceptional customer experiences. So, what’s the answer? An integrated fuel logistics solution to improve operational efficiency and supply chain visibility while enabling them to thrive in the competitive environment.

PDI, a leading enterprise management software provider for the convenience retail and petroleum wholesale market, has been delivering holistic, leading-edge solutions to businesses around the globe. Headquartered in Atlanta, GA, the company provides a comprehensive enterprise cloud platform that allows fuel retailers, wholesalers, and haulers to effectively and efficiently manage their entire fuel distribution network. Driven by automation, dynamic forecasting, and business intelligence, the platform also provides actionable insights to minimize risks, reduce cost, and improve customer and employee satisfaction.

PDI Logistics Cloud: A Reliable Enterprise Cloud Platform for Fuel Logistics

PDI Logistics Cloud is an enterprise-level, end-to-end solution that analyzes the historical trends, captures near real-time data from IoT devices, and uses machine learning to help customers eliminate fuel run outs.

“Most of us know the frustration of having to find another gas station or purchase a more expensive product after pulling up to a pump, only to see a bag over the fuel nozzle. The solution helps eliminate this consumer frustration and reduce revenue loss for convenience retailers by leveraging IoT data and sophisticated algorithms,” explains Sid Gaitonde, senior vice president and general manager, Logistics Solutions, PDI.

PDI Logistics Cloud collects real-time fuel inventory and sales data from tens of thousands of gas stations using its tank monitoring system. The software also analyzes the data using advanced algorithms and provides hourly and daily usage patterns. This enables businesses to make smarter decisions with predictability and deliver the right amount of fuel at the right time and the right market price. In addition, businesses can improve their operations and mitigate risks by having access to real-time data regarding the location of their fleet and fuel at any time. These technology solutions connect back to an integrated ERP system that saves time, reduces errors, and positively impacts the bottom line.

“Our algorithms have over 99% accuracy, enabling customers to maximize the number of gallons for each delivery, reduce split loads and diversions, and eliminate preventable run-outs,” asserts Sid.

Streamlining and Simplifying Fuel Delivery

PDI has created the industry’s first auto-dispatch solution with machine learning to eliminate the hassle associated with manually dispatching truck loads. Its new auto-order feature enables operators to automatically place an order based on market conditions and future needs while further optimizing their fuel margins. With a set of open APIs, PDI Logistics Cloud creates unprecedented levels of interoperability and enables third parties to extend its solutions through the app marketplace.

In addition, customers can find the best fuel prices by purchasing fuel from the best supplier at the best terminal at the best time of the day. This helps customers in eliminating the guesswork out of fuel buying decisions with automated, dynamic pricing and supplier ranking results.

“Our Best Buy solution aggregates, analyzes, and ranks supplier price data from a variety of price feed sources, allowing our customers to focus on decision making and improving their margins instead of data gathering,” says Sid.

Building Trusted Customer Relationships

While several factors contribute to PDI’s uniqueness, one key element that truly sets it apart from the rest is its unwavering commitment to helping its customers thrive. The company’s customer-centric philosophy goes back more than 37 years to its founding in 1983. In addition to providing best-in-class, industry-specific solutions and services, PDI helps customers around the world rethink the status quo, overcome challenges, seize opportunities, and maximize their margins in an ever-changing business environment. From its employees to its customers, the company cultivates a culture of collaboration that results and fit-for-purpose solutions and stronger, long-lasting relationships with its customers.

“We think it is critical to build a trusted partnership with customers and to take a co-innovation approach to deliver cloud-based, mobile-first solutions that enable us to product solutions that will deliver the best results for our customers,” says Sid.

Continuing to Reshape the Fuel Logistics Landscape

For over three decades, PDI has been helping customers optimize their business operations, grow top line revenues, and unify their business across the entire value chain through its enterprise software. From ERP and fuel pricing to loyalty and logistics solutions, the company offers it all to ensure that its customers have a one-stop-shop for running their operations.

“Right now, customers all over the world with hundreds of thousands of locations count on our broad solutions portfolio to help them efficiently run their businesses and produce profitable outcomes. Every day, we work tirelessly to support them and deliver the results they deserve, and that commitment will never change,” affirms Sid.

Forging ahead, the company aims to continue leveraging technology to meet its client’s expectations and address existing and upcoming challenges in the fuel logistics landscape. With its 37-year heritage, best-in-class technology, people-first approach, and strong commitment to delivering value-driven service, PDI’s future as an industry leader looks very bright.