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Editon : VOL 6 ISSUE 5

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Paracosma: Experience New and Better Realities

In today's digital age, augmented and virtual realities are gaining a lot of traction among business leaders worldwide. By merging the physical and digital world, these technologies are increasingly redefining the way we do businesses and live our lives. Today,organizations of all sizes know the key benefits of using AR/VR technologies that help them meet their varied needs, including creating memorable user experiences to enhancing employee training programs, interactive marketing and branding and many more.

Featured Profiles

Eyexpo Technology: A Leading IT Solution Provider with Extensive Services

Angela Pan founded Eyexpo with the vision of reshaping the way people experience cities and places from a digital lens.

How a Global Software Company is Simplifying the Complex Fuel Logistics Industry Through Innovative Solutions

The logistics and supply chain industry today is in a state of transition.