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Vital Metrix: Developing a Cost-Effective Solutionfor Cardiac Output Monitoring

10 yearsago, when makingavisit to a cardiologist,along with a family member, Alton Reich, amechanical engineerhad a light bulb moment in his head. As the doctor described in detailthe patient’s hemodynamic concerns, Alton realized that the flow characteristics of the pumps and valvessystems he designs is similar to that of a human circulatory system. It wasthis moment that led Alton to launch this groundbreaking venture‘Vital Metrix,’ a patented data analysis solution based in Lindon, UT. Through Vital Metrix, Alton and his team are working to develop a rapid, reliable, and non-invasive diagnostically significant solution that will measure cardiac output in patientssuffering from cardiovascular complications(pending FDA clearance).

As the CEO and founder along with co-founder, Ginny Rowland of Vital Metrix, theybelieve that once cleared, “Adoption of the Vital Metrix solution will enable physicians to more frequently evaluate and adjust the treatment of their patients, which can lead to more cost-effective heart failure (HF) management.”

Building from a solid foundation, Vital Metrix’sfuture looks to be very bright. The company aims to become a leading provider of the most reliableand risk-free cardiac measurementsystemin the market.“We believe that a cardiac output measurement that can be performed with no risk to the patient has the potential to increase patient outcomes and decrease healthcare costs,” explains Alton.

One-Stop Solution for Healthcare Professionals and Patients

Recent studies report that more than 6.2 million people suffer from congestive heart failure, and a half-million new cases are diagnosed in the USAeach year. This growing number of HF patients contributes to a total cost thatexceeds $30 billion per year, and it is expected to double in the coming years.

By understanding the intensity of this scenario, Vital Metrix stepped into the picture in 2010 with the goal to develop asophisticated and affordable cardiac output measuring systemto be utilized in a non-hospital or hospital environment.Through this cutting-edge technology, Vital Metrix plans to successfully provideperiodic cardiac measurementsfor patients;whilealsoplacingcritical diagnostic information in the hands of health care professionals. The access to data-driven solutions such as what Vital Metrix is developinghas proven to enable physician’sability to enhance and monitor treatment in accordance with their established guidelines.

“By offering solutions that are simple to use, reproducible, non-invasive, and diagnostically significant, we believe Vital Metrix can aid in improved patient compliance while reducing the cost of healthcare,” adds Alton.

Perceiving Customers as Prudent Advisors

As an innovative provider of patientcentric solutions, Vital Metrix gives ear to its potential customers’ advice. Since the company is pending FDA clearance, it considers their future customers and healthcare providers valuable opinions as the supreme guide to their success.By adopting this mindset, the company is well positioned to deliver solutions that will meet the growing demands and clinical needs of HF patient management.

Alton adds, “The severity of heart failure/heart disease prompts a great need for solution providers in this space to focus less on our differences and more on how we enhance the physician’s ability to make critical decisions as early as possible in the treatment cascade.”

Moving Confidently Towards a Well-Planned Future

Regarding future endeavors, Alton implies that Vital Metrix is very confident in meeting future goals. The company remains focused on improving and extending the life of cardiovascular patients through its state-of-the-art technology.The desire to enhance the healthcare community with increased outcomes and decreased costis a lofty goal but one they believe will be accomplished by maintaining a deep focus on integrity, quality, teamwork, and above all, a desire to serve.

Furthermore, the innovative company continues to leverage its in-depth knowledge of fluid dynamics into the development of hemodynamic solutions that empower physicians with diagnostically significant predictive tools. Since AI and software-based solutions are rapidly emerging in the healthcare space, Vital Metrix foresees a robust growth in its future path.

“Though each potential advancement we forecast is exciting, no milestone will be greater than achieving FDA clearance this year,” adds and concludes Alton.