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MEDsys Software Solutions: Delivering State-of-the-art Solutions to Home Care Agencies

Ritch Adams, CEO, MEDsys Software Solutions

Adopting a patient-centric approach to deliver simple, personal, and quality-driven healthcare service is the key attribute of a home care agency. And today, we have hordes of home care agencies providing effective healthcare services, eliminating the need to move into a nursing home or assisted living facility. Yet, the majority of them face challenges to work at their full potential due to lack of automation capabilities and the over reliance on paper to run their business. As caregivers spend way too much time filling out paperwork, their productivity suffers hindering them from providing quality care to patients.

Fortunately, MEDsys Software Solutions, a Home Care solution provider, brings solutions to all the problems. Built by former home care agency owners, administrators, and operations staff, the company understands how home care works and brings the knowledge and expertise to help home care agencies run successfully. Not to mention the features of its innovative products that automate workflow and improve efficiency while increasing profitability, patient referrals, and client satisfaction.

Quintessential Solutions

The company’s quintessential Electronic Visit Verification Software (EVV) has garnered a lot of attention due to its wide range of options and benefits. While EVV is engineered to provide clients the care they need by capturing proof of client visits and monitoring the timeliness of visits, it also enables the agency to exceed the compliance requirements. Since its inception in 2013, MEDsys Software Solutions has gained 1000+ customers with its Software and EVV solutions to states and managed care organizations. 

By employing the MEDsys’ EVV solution, home care agencies can monitor areas of improvement, share best practices, and collect the necessary data to make informed decisions. From real-time view into field operations to real-time alerts for missed visits, late visits and exceptions, home care agencies reap a host of benefits using the MEDsys EVV solution. Although the MEDsys EVV Solution is available as a stand-alone service, it is even more effective when integrated with its full-service home care agency management software.

“Our initial software offered state of the art Software and EVV solutions directed at  home care agencies. Now, as our platform has evolved, we offer Franchises and large Multi-Location, Multi-State the ability to view real-time information into Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) as set forth by the Corporation in our Jurisdictional Suite,” explains Ritch Adams, CEO, MEDsys Software Solutions.

Unlike its peers that predominantly sell their services, MEDsys Software Solutions is focused on continually evolving based on customer input and direction. This has earned them the name “customer-centric solution provider” and has also enabled them to build long-lasting relationships with some of the largest home care companies in North America. 

That’s not all. MEDsys is also leading the way home care agencies manage their business through the utilization of their Mobility solution.  This enables home care agencies, along with State and MCO Programs to provide the necessary in-home care anytime, anywhere and any place with real-time measurable results to ensure quality and service delivery.“Our Software and EVV solutions are fueled by the demand of access to real-time information which is how MEDsys supports our customer’s growth and profitability,” states Adams.

Unique Differentiating Factors 

Although several factors are unique to MEDsys Software solutions, what really differentiates them from others is that the company’s majority of employees are former home care agency owners, administrators, and operations staff. This gives the team at MEDsys Software solutions a competitive edge over others as the company can easily understand the unique problems faced by home care agencies.

The team at MEDsys Software Solutions always has proactive communication with their customers; understands their problems, and offers solutions that ensure positive results. “We have released over 2,000 enhancements in 2020 with the majority of the features developed from customer input,” adds Adams. Whether it is a new government regulation or a question on how to solve business problems, MEDsys Software Solutions always rises to the occasion to help its customers out. Moreover, the company works around the clock to ensure that its customers gets the right support day in and day out.

When asked about the mission of the company, Adam says, “Uniting Homecare Expertise with innovative Technology for Your Success is what drives the company. Helping our customers solve key business problems, like how to handle the COVID Crisis which hit Home Care hard, drives us.” The company had also released a real-time screening and reporting tool in March 2020 to help homecare agencies handle the COVID-19 situation effectively.

Going forward, the company will be working on expanding its mobile platform as COVID-19 has made real-time information a necessity in home care. “We are expanding our Mobility platform to enhance our Family Suite which we see evolving into a real-time communication platform for all family members and clients,” concludes Adams.

With the passion for innovation and its customer-centric nature, we can definitely say the future looks bright for the team at MEDsys Software Solutions.

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