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What if there wasn't a talent shortage?

It’s become an all-too-familiar trope: “Zero unemployment in cybersecurity.” “Hundreds of thousands of cybersecurity jobs left unfilled.” “Demand for talent to increase another 50%.” The U.S. Bureau of Labor and Statistics does paint a pretty grim picture, but it isn’t necessarily an accurate one. Most of those projections assume there isn’t a way to increase supply to meet the growing demand. But there is. It’s called ESCALATE.

ESCALATE is a gamified cyber skill-building ecosystem: users complete challenges across all areas of information security from reverse engineering to intrusion detection. Train your existing workforce, or open challenges up company-wide: you never know who has the right personality to be the next great cyber analyst. What it takes is curiosity, fortitude, and aptitude; the technical skills can all be learned – inESCALATE. And, because the classroom is all online and the curriculum self-paced, many of the barriers that keep potential talent at bay, like lack of representation or fear of failure, are reduced. Anyone can, and anyone should, jump into the fray and start to play.

But building your team is only half the battle: the next big challenge is keeping it. According to a recent survey by (ISC)2, nearly half of cybersecurity workers are contacted weekly by recruiters, even if they’re not looking for a job. Almost 20% are contacted daily. The good news is, we know what employees want, and with ESCALATE, you will have it.

That same (ISC)2 survey discovered that a company’s investment in training its cyber workforce – not salaries, flex work, or products – matter most to information security jobseekers. ESCALATE not only helps you keep your current team at the top of its game with a host of new challenges every month, but it also shows potential hires you’re committed to their professional development and supporting the growth of the infosec talent pool. This matters because at the end of the day, cybersecurity is more than just an industry; it’s a community. Its members learn from each other, connect, and grow, and the more you support those interpersonal relationships, the stronger and more cohesive your team becomes.

ESCALATE’s community chat helps users work together to mentor each other to work through complex challenges, but there’s another part of ESCALATE that cybersecurity professionals everywhere know and love: a good, old-fashioned CTF. Whether you run it as a team-building exercise, or sponsor one in your community to identify new talent, CTFs with ESCALATE are a great way to keep your group engaged. On the back end, each challenge maps to at least one of the skills of the NIST NICE framework, so you can work with your teams to ensure you’ve got your bases covered.

So that ‘talent shortage?’ Don’t worry about it. You’ll find – and keep – exactly who you need with ESCALATE.

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