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Lakes Software: The Global Benchmark for Applying Predictive Analytics to Solve Environmental Challenges

The greatest benefit of applying predictive analytics in the environmental sector is the ability to safeguard the environment while simultaneously building responsible communities and sustainable economies. Information technology has been used in environmental sciences for decades and is now steadily becoming indispensable in solving today's most pressing environmental challenges. The environmental IT industry has our planet's best interests at heart and its professionals remain dedicated to continuously advancing the science and technologies required by environmental regulators, industry and the public to solve problems at the local level and coordinate efforts to solve global environmental challenges...

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Velti: Harnessing the power of Mobile Technology

Over the past few years, predictive analytics solutions have become a significant technology for acquiring information from available sources of data, determining patterns...

Logility Inc: Right Product, Right Place, Right Time

Retailers are under intense pressure to optimize supply chain efficiency and provide an excellent seamless experience for customers across multiple channels.

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Stop Discounting, Start Cross-promoting

Even established, successful practices can have a hard time introducing and selling new products in the information-saturated world of today.


Most companies that source inventory from overseas despise paying increasing duty rates and dramatically...

How Smart Cities Are Changing The Landscape Of Public Transportation

As more and more cities begin to use Smart City technology, cities have begun to evolve quite rapidly. This technology has been used to streamline...

The importance of Technology Integrators when Renovating a Pharmaceutical Office

Pharmaceutical and Biotech companies are some of the various healthcare facilities that require the utmost latest and greatest technology advancements...

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The Future State of AR/VR: Digital Trends and Contribution

Today, as digital transformation contributes to the global economy more deeply, innovation has become significant part of daily routine.

Digital Health Revolution

Five thousand years ago, healthcare was more about diet than medicines, more about the healing touch than a surgeon's scalpel. Fast food was about the chase to capture...

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The economics of manufacturing are based on efficient operations keeping the manufacturing machine running and creating value.

Top Tips to Setting Up Your RPA Center of Excellence

Congratulations! Making the investment into Robotic Process Automation (RPA)...