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Leading from the front

balaji ramachandran
founder & ceo

Profits and growth are the two major cornerstones of any successful business. As the business grows,the organization is bound to make more profits and vice versa. So, how does a business work towards achieving these quintessential criteria? For this, it is important to breakdown the goals of a business to its most basic levels.

At its roots, a business is built based on the segment of customers it aims to target. Maintaining a good relationship with clients is the major difference between making or breaking a business. Keeping this in mind,SoftClouds was founded by Balaji Ramachandran. The companyis geared towards developing products and services that help with customer management/engagement which leads to long-lasting customer relationships. Under the leadership of Balaji Ramachandran,SoftClouds creates personalized solutions for each of its clients by offering a bevy of customization options.

Core Philosophy

SoftClouds believes that although customer satisfaction is its primary objective, this goal can only be achieved if every employee in the company works in tandem for a common goal. The only way this can happen is if the people running the company are satisfied, i.e., the employees.Balaji Ramachandran,the CEO of SoftClouds,makes sure that his team members do not compromise on their personal lives. Balaji himself tries to take time off now and then to recuperate. By creating this sort of a flexible environment, employees are kept safe from the fatigue of overworking.

This CEO also believes that entrepreneurship is synonymous with leadership. Without a proper leader to oversee operations and drive the company forward, team morale disintegrates which consequently leads to lower productivity. Although Balaji focuses on growing his business, strategizing and making revenues, his leadership quality also pushes him to take care of his employees and help them grow. By using such simple yet effective techniques, SoftClouds has managed to put together a team of experts who are equipped to work under varied circumstances and are capable of delivering top-quality products& services.

Products and Features

With the highly skilled set of individuals SoftClouds has gathered, the company has developed several revolutionary products and innovative solutions. From industry to mobile solutions, SoftClouds covers a vast array of domains. Using its expertise in Siebel and Oracle IOT, the company has come up with new generation automotive solutions that havecapabilities to provide a personalized customer experience. It can showcase multiple use cases such as predictive maintenance, upsell, cross-sell to consumers, etc.SoftClouds has even developed a search product called Qupplet – that uses natural language processing to allow users to query Siebel databases using plain English.

Another interesting product the company makes is an Oracle cross-platform knowledge connector that can inject the advanced capabilities of an Oracle knowledge product into an existing, non-Oracle CRM system. It also has products like FixLinks for OKM that is used to fix dead links, KMSwitch which converts data from third-party knowledge solutions into the information manager of Oracle knowledge, a Siebel and CPQ cloud integrator, software that aids with student recruitment, etc.

Work Culture and Operational Structure

The employee-centric work culture at SoftClouds and a disregard for hard protocols despite a clear hierarchical structure encourages the team members to “knock on each other’s doors”. This way all individuals who work in the company remain reachable, and there are no restrictions to interact with people based on rank. SoftClouds promotes an open environment to ensure that employees can feel a ‘sense of belonging’. By doing so, barriers are removed, and the focus of the individuals shifts towards growth and productivity.

The company’s employees, partners and customers are all number one on its books. This factor has helped SoftClouds create innovative and path breakingsolutions that have made life easier. By adopting such a customer-focused operational structure, SoftClouds has set itself apart from its peers who in general use a product-focused approach. With such a stark and positive differentiating factor, it is no wonder that SoftClouds expects to grow to about a 1,000 people company by 2023–2025.

Advice for Future Entrepreneurs

From having begun with a modest 5 employee roster during its time of inception to winning several awards, the meteoric rise of SoftClouds has been a truly inspirational story. The CEO’s undying passion, leadership qualities, and team player mentality has spurred the company to reach new heights. He believes that these are the traits that aspiring entrepreneurs must possess to be successful. He urges them to lead from up front and make conscious choices to help their teams excel. “With every day comes a new opportunity to better oneself”, quotes Mr. Balaji Ramachandran. He encourages the youth of today to follow this ideology and firmly believes that true success lies in the power of the people.