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Cybercrimes have become one of the pressing problems faced by the tech era. Over the past few years, many companies including the behemoths, regardless of the industries, have become subject to cybercrimes, due to the vulnerabilities in their systems and inability to foster the right cybersecurity
culture in their organizations. However, many organizations still struggle when it comes to strengthening their security measures, owing to the lack of understanding of proactive cyber security solutions.

To put a halt to these cybercrimes, Rob Kleeger founded Digital4nx Group, Ltd. in 2013. Recognized as a leading independent boutique digital forensic investigation and cybersecurity consulting and advisory firm, this New Jersey-based company provides a blend of legal and technical expertise for small and medium-sized businesses. However, what sets Digital4nx Group apart from its peers is its strategic
partnerships with business leaders that have a reasonable, defensible, and comprehensive understanding of the cyber security risks and regulations within their business sectors, along
with its ability to provide both proactive and incident response services before, during, and after a legal dispute or cyber incident.

As an industry veteran involved in the digital forensic investigation and cyber security industry since its inception in the private sector, Kleeger knew what kind of cyber security company he wanted to establish. With nearly two decades of experience working with various companies across a variety of industries, he waited for the right time to venture into the sector. However, the Anonymous hacking incident of the Sony PlayStation Network in 2011 (where he was a court appointed neutral), is what prompted him to develop a cyber security consulting and advisory practice and launch a new company.

Over the next several years, Digital4nx Group started its journey by providing affordable and forward-thinking services that address security challenges. With the help of subject matter experts (SMEs) that have over twenty years of experience in Digital Forensic Investigations, Expert Witness Testimony, Electronic Discovery Hosting, Consulting and Advisory, and the Cyber Security field, the company delivers high-quality services and solutions to the legal community and small and medium-sized businesses. Today, Digital4nx Group is one of the fastest growing companies in the cyber security sector.

Kleeger credits the success of the company to a solid reputation for providing a deep-dive approach to resolving the short term risks business leaders are concerned about and working on protecting them for the long term while being reasonable, defensible, and cost-efficient solutions to the SMB’s they serve. Reflecting on the company’s success, Kleeger says, “We are passionate about helping our Clients for the long term, not just putting a bandage on the immediate issue.We are passionate about sharing our perspective and helping achieve the balance of providing the right subject matter expertise, at the right time and at a reasonable cost. It’s been my mission helping small and medium-sized businesses’ (SMBs) prepare electronic evidence when involved in business litigation or digital discovery and advocating for SMB business leaders and entrepreneurs since 2002.Whether we partner with business leaders who want a proactive cyber risk and compliance assessment or when handling an incident response to a cyber incident, not every client is the right fit based upon our intake process.  That confidence, reputation, and team culture has caused our remarkable growth.”

Growing Phenomenon

Digitization has taken the world by storm and businesses are changing fast. Most companies are connected online and are managing chunks of data and information. This makes companies vulnerable to data breaches as most of them fail to have a proactive approach to security.

To mitigate these cyber risks, Digital4nx Group recommends the most practical security measures that can work proactively. The firm also validates the network and other computer systems to prioritize customers’ security efforts, which proves to be the best method of fighting against cyber attacks. Kleeger says, “Whether it's a rogue employee who misappropriated a firm’s ‘crown jewels’, or an untrained employee clicking on a phishing email causing a data breach, we typically get called in before, after or during the digital incident. While corporations are facing the unenviable task of trying to defend their networks against various types of intrusive attacks, we commonly find the insider threat is the weakest link.”

The company’s service portfolio includes a host of services such as Digital Forensic Investigations, Electronic Discovery Consulting, Advisory Services and Proactive Cyber Security services such as “Advanced Ethical Hacking” to fight against cyber crimes. Moreover, Digital4nx Group identifies specific risks to business systems, critical data, and provides proven mitigation strategies to reduce cyber threats.

In today’s business world, organizations require strong digital evidence to settle legal matters involving cyber security. Recovering a particular email, a deleted memo, or the date and time a web page was printed can be critical to a legal matter. Digital Group's Forensic Preservation service helps attorneys find the digital fingerprints left behind on computers, mobile devices, and other electronic devices of people whom they suspect as criminals.  It also helps to identify valuable data and protect them as per the industry standards.

Unlike its peers, Digital4nx Group customizes its services according to the needs of SMB customers. As a trusted advisor to organizations of all sizes, the company helps businesses align security programs with business priorities, regulations, and risk appetite. This has helped the Digital4nx Group build a long-lasting relationship with customers.  “Most of our clients traditionally are referred to us by a trusted advisor, existing client relationship, or even from adverse parties. They often feel that we can speak their language, develop a reasonable and cost-efficient plan to determine whether or not there is information we can provide to make informed business decisions,” Kleeger tells us.

Digital4nx Group,Ltd. has seen double-digit growth throughout its journey. Going forward, Digital4nx Group intends to continue its long-lasting relationship with clients, based on it trusted reputation for developing reasonable, defensible, cost-effective improvements to their security-hygiene and fostering a security-minded culture, in addition to meeting various compliance and governance standards.

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We are passionate about helping our Clients for the long term, not just putting a bandage on the immediate issue

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It’s been my mission helping small and medium-sized businesses’ (SMBs) prepare electronic evidence when involved in business litigation or digital discovery and advocating for SMB business leaders and entrepreneurs since 2002.

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