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Today, every business, regardless of its size, is a potential target for cyber attacks. The pace of digital transformation and the adoption of new technology, including cloud infrastructure, software as a service (SaaS) offerings, and internet of things (IoT) devices, is rapidly increasing the digital footprint of organizations. While this innovation presents excellent opportunities for growth, the resulting increase in online presence and brand exposure leads to a greater attack surface for cyber criminals and other malicious actors to target

The potential damage that can be caused to businesses by cyber attacks is well documented, and includes disruption of operations through loss of access to key business systems and data, degradation of reputation and market position, erosion of the trust of customers, financial costs associated with breach recovery, and numerous other detrimental impacts.

In order to drive businesses towards growth while protecting them from persistent cyber attacks, several companies have already shown their proficiency with innovative solutions and technologies. Chief among those is Context Information Security, a global cybersecurity player with an impeccable track record in providing the highest quality technical services to some of the world’s most demanding clients. Context brings specialized expertise and exceptional insight to help solve the most serious and complex cybersecurity challenges facing organizations. It supports businesses across many different industries and sectors including financial and legal services, telecommunications, nuclear and other critical infrastructure providers.

The company consists of industry leading experts with a wide variety of complementary skills that enable companies to investigate, contain and mitigate; and recover from the most sophisticated and persistent cyber attacks. Mark Raeburn, CEO, and founder of Context says, “Context is distinguished by being one of a small handful of specialist companies around the world able to help major organizations to handle the most serious and damaging attacks by hostile nation states and the most serious organized criminal gangs”.

In order to prevent attackers from accessing and abusing critical assets, it is important to know the ins and outs of your organization’s defensive controls. Context specializes in simulated targeted attacks, or “red teaming”. In a red team exercise, professional ethical testers 'attack' an organization's digital defences in a real world scenario aligned to the threats faced by that organization on a daily basis. The goal of a red team exercise is to answer the question: How effective is my organization’s cyber security strategy against a real world malicious attack? By simulating a real life attack, organizations are able to gauge how well they are prepared to deal with cyber attacks, and improve their capability to detect and respond to them.

To get the best value from red teaming, it is important to align simulated attacks to the real world threats faced by the organization. Context understands the complex human and geopolitical terrains that shape the cyber security environment, and leverages this understanding to guide testing. “During a threat assessment, we will gather and analyze information and intelligence from a variety of open and privileged sources in order to profile the relevant cyber adversaries, their intentions, capabilities, and the techniques tactics and procedures they could use against your organization, “says Mark. This intelligence led approach allows Context to focus testing effort on representative threats faced by each organization, and replicate the behavior of those threat actors during an attack.

Though the company serves all major industries, it is most dominant in the banking and financial sector. Context works with the leading regulators in financial sectors to help them build mature security programs to address the complex and evolving threats from nation states, serious organized crime gangs and other malicious-actors. They also advise US and other regulators to help implement various new testing schemes like CBEST. TIBER EU, and ICAST.

Context’s expertise and professionalism attract some of the world’s most targeted organizations. Mark adds “Customers come to Context for the very highest standards of technical expertise, the most rigorous testing; and help in dealing with their most challenging problems”. Its long-standing clients include global blue-chip companies from the financial, retail, legal, and defense sectors, as well as public sector and government organizations, and Context’s services are highly recommended by their clients.

Customer testimonials highlight the outstanding service and expertise offered across the business: “Context‘s consultants have marked themselves out through their exceptional technical skills and their ability to deliver consistently and on time”. Similarly, other clients observe “We consider Context trusted advisors rather than just another service provider we do business with.”

Over the past two decades, Context has shown sustainable and profitable growth. The company established its first US commercial office in New York and is now in the progress of building US commercial business. Its strategic roadmap includes expanding business in EU and Asia-Pacific. Mark adds, “We expect our assurance and response services to evolve as corporations develop their own cyber defense capabilities. We also foresee change as corporations drive the digitalization of their businesses, virtualize their infrastructure and move into the cloud; begin to wrestle with attacks on AI systems and plan for post-quantum crypto”. Context continue to remain at the forefront of technical cyber security consultancy, and are trusted by the world’s largest organizations to help them secure their business against external threats.

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Context‘s consultants have marked themselves out through their exceptional technical skills and their ability to deliver consistently and on time

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Customers come to Context for the very highest standards of technical expertise, the most rigorous testing; and help in dealing with their most challenging problems