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Percepto: Providing Quintessential Autonomous Drone Solutions

Robotics has become one of the most exciting areas in the technological space. Deemed to be the future of the technological revolution, the evolution of robots has transformed various fields with its innumerable benefits. One area where the advancement of robotics holds virtually boundless potential is Drones.

With its immense capabilities, drones are already shaping the operations of many industries such as construction, agricultural, energy and mining. As drones bridge the physical and digital world with sensors that can go anywhere, organizations are able to make data-driven decisions that can help them yield better results. Most of all, these Drone-based solutions enable enterprises with higher productivity, safety & security by making their business process simpler, efficient and cost-effective.

Percepto, a drone solution provider, is one company that provides cutting-edge drone solutions that enhance businesses in every step of the way. Since its inception in 2014, the company has been offering groundbreaking products that act and react based on customers’ unique operational needs.

Introducing Ground Breaking Services

Percepto started out as a consumer product company providing DIY hobbyists with the onboard PerceptoCore module. A quintessential onboard module, it enables computer vision abilities for consumer and commercial drones and empowers drones with the ability to run various applications by delivering real-time results.

After achieving success with its onboard module, the company expanded its PerceptoCore module to a unique software suite incorporating multiple aspects of drones’ anatomy. Although this PerceptoCore suite includes various applications, its precise navigation features such as computer-vision based landing, security features with detection and tracking, and operation features including change detection, mapping and measurements stands best of all. All of these operations can take place autonomously without any human intervention. With its diverse product capabilities, Percepto has become the market leader of on-site autonomous drone solutions.

Percepto is one of the few companies that have realized the potential capabilities of industrial drones. This understanding led them to launch their “Drone-In-a- Box solution”, fully autonomous drone solution. Dor Abuhasira, CEO of Percepto, says “Within less than 2 years since Percepto launched its Drone-in-a-Box solution, we now have systems more than 10 countries assisting our global customers to operate the system independently and demonstrate a clear return on investment (ROI) for their organizations.”

Percepto’s Drone-in-a-box solution is comprised of Sparrow Drone, a key feature, as its base. Both are weatherproof and designed to stand harsh weather conditions, including rain, snow, extreme temperatures and dust. The concept of operations is to install this ‘stations’ of drone-in-a-box within the premises, and fully control them remotely via the PerceptoCore’s cloud management system.  In addition, the drone is equipped with two cams: HD ($K) day camera + thermal (IR) camera. Its charging is done via the base stations, upon landing, as well as running necessary health checks before and after mission

Sparrow Drone is an autonomous drone specifically designed for industrial environments by optimizing maintenance and operations. Sparrow drone consists of a mixed unique designed platform (drone and base) that enables full autonomous operation by using PerceptoCore software suite features. The Percepto base is what empowers Sparrow to function autonomously, making it ideal for continuous operations in remote locations. Moreover, the sparrow drone also offers a series of specifications such as security & safety, weatherproof to the harsh climate, fast charging, day & night (thermal) vision with its dual-sensor payload.

Maintaining the Market Culture

As a customer-centric solution provider, Percepto’s main focus has always been to provide solutions to customer issues, and not just selling products to them. The team at Percepto builds client relationship by engaging them as design partners while working closely with them during the development of value-added-applications that solve their challenges and needs. Also, to ensure and maintain the quality every time, the company collects feedback from the end users, and work on the same to maximize the benefits of its autonomous drone solutions. Abu Hasira tells, “We are lucky to have highly engaged, enthusiastic customers that understand the value of autonomous systems in general, and how it can increase their productivity, safety, and security while reducing operational costs. The great ongoing feedback from our customers is what keeps us going; as we know we make a real impact.”

Going forward, the company aims to provide a more efficient and innovative product, which will become a standard component in both business operation management and the enterprise security process. Percepto also envisions enhancing the industrial autonomous drones’ solutions with features such as additional real-time computer vision capabilities, post-processing AI to the value-driven applications that will provide actionable insights to the drone captured footage. Abu Hasira concludes, “We are excited to take a leading role in the Industry 4.0 revolutions, by offering fully automated solutions that constantly collect aerial data and utilize computer vision and AI to increase performance & productivity while minimizing risk and costs.”


“We are lucky to have highly engaged, enthusiastic customers that understand the value of autonomous systems in general, and how it can increase their productivity, safety, and security while reducing operational costs.