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Computer Solution Partners: Solving the Right Problem for Pediatric Therapy Clinics

In 2007, Dr Denise Hoell, DPT, physical therapist and owner of Special Needs Pediatric Therapy, reached her tipping point. Engulfed by the daily grind of using obsolete technologies, Hoell expressed her frustration with the practice management systems on the market. She found that the systems available to her were either extremely complicated, not pediatric focused, or didn’t allow for the full narrative documentation that sheand many other members of the NDT community commonly utilize.

Determined to solve the problem, she along with her husband Eric Hoell, a successful entrepreneur, embarked on a journey to build the best-in-class product for pediatric therapy clinics. Through persistence towards their vision, they worked closely with many small to medium sized practices, speaking with physical, occupational, and speech language pathology therapists, including NDT instructor and physical therapist Dr. Judi Berman, DPT from NDT Programs Inc, to ensure their product met the needs of pediatric practices.

From the early stages of their journey, Computer Solution Partnersfocused on adding features and functionality to resolve real problems that small to medium sized pediatric therapy were experiencing in regards to documentation and practice management. Understanding the needs of both therapists and office staff, Eric and Denise came out with the quintessential product—eTherapyDocs, under the banner of Computer Solution Partners, a product development organization.

Designed to eliminate the obstacles faced by therapists, eTherapyDocs quickly gained momentum with pediatric therapy practices. It eliminated obstacles and allowed pediatric therapists to focus on quality of care for their patients.

Computer Solution Partners continued investing in eTherapyDocs as they worked with new practices and gained a clear understanding of the unique needs of pediatric therapists and their practices. Today, eTherapyDocs is used by pediatric therapists across the United States, Puerto Rico, and Bermuda. “We continue to work closely with our practices as we develop new features and focus on providing excellent customer service.”says Eric Hoell, CEO of Computer Solution Partners.

Delivering Best-in-Class Service to Customers

Testimonials from eTherapy\Docs clients bespeak the credibility,expertise and quality of work of Eric Hoell’s organization. One client testimonial for eTherapyDocs reads,“eTherapyDocs provides a user friendlyprogram; the calendar with patient text reminders has significantly cut down our number of patient no-shows. The “view today's schedule”makes it quick and easy to see an overview of the day's schedule. The ability to upload scanned documents and to print notes to a PDF file simplifies the prior authorization process for insurance companies.” Nothing more needs to be said about the customer-centric culture and the real-time benefits provided by the organization.

In another testimonial, Dr Judith Beirman, DPT says “e-TherapyDocs has provided a system for scheduling and documentation that facilitates treatment planning for individual sessions as well as across time. The staff has been extremely supportive and assisted to transition us from individual documentation to more electronically documented and tracked notes. There are many aspects of the notes that are completed automatically that allow the therapist to focus on the critical aspects of treatment planning and noting changes across time. We have clearly saved time and money by using this system. I would highly recommend e Therapy Docs.”

Unlike the other service providers that predominantly sell their services, Computer Solution Partners thinks from customer perceptive, listens to their clients, and delivers ideal solution and products that meet clients’ requirements. “What Computer Solution Partners has learned by working with pediatric therapists is that most therapists document their treatment sessions very differently than adult orthopedic therapists.  Most pediatric therapists document in a narrative format, with highly individualized goals and objectives for their patients,” explains Eric.

The large practice management systems still use the one-size-fits-all-approach and provide pre-formulated goals and objectives and “check-box” style documentation, which may adequately suffice for an orthopedic therapist who is following a post-operative protocol for a few weeks with a patient. Thisformat however, restricts therapists from clearlydocumenting modifications to treatment plans or establishing goals focused not only on function but also quality of movement, the use of assistive devices or adaptive equipment, etc.

This occurs as the large practice management systems disregard the fact that the goals and approach to therapy are different for pediatric clients; the tools the therapists need must match their treatment approach and documentation preferences. “The majority ofadult orthopedic &rehabilitation practices are much larger than independent pediatric practices, therefore big practice management systems focused the efforts of their product development on the larger, and often more profitable market of adult rehabilitation,” adds Eric. This is where Computer Solution Partners’ eTherapyDocs comes into play. Specifically designed for pediatric practices, eTherapyDocs addresses all the requirements of pediatric clients and helps them achieve their objectives efficiently.

Resilient Leader

While succeeding in the market with their product swiftly, Eric was determined that eTherapyDocs should remain pediatric focused. To stay true to the founding objectives, the company even turned down many opportunities to partner with very large, adult rehabilitation clinics.“We believe our existing practices should remain our number one priority, and for that reason, instead of investing our R&D to address the needs of adult rehabilitation clinics we have remained focused on further enhancing eTherapyDocsfor the pediatric community,” saysEric.

Besides the services in the healthcare sector, Computer Solution Partners also helps small and medium sized business bring their ideas to fruition. “Though many small and medium sized businesses have great ideas, they lack the resources to bring those ideas to life,” tells Eric. As a customer-centric service provider, Computer Solution Partners resolves their issues by understanding their specificrequirements and providing quality-driven services and products. This, in turn, has helped the company to build a loyal customer base in other sectors as well.

“As connectivity to consumers/patients improves, we believe we’ll continue to lead new innovations in this area.  We also plan to continue to enhance our flagship product, eTherapyDocs, as we establish such a strong bond within the pediatric therapy communities,” concluded Eric.

Quick Facts

Headquarters: Suwanee, Georgia


Management Details: Eric Hoell, CEO, Computer Solution Partners.