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Velti: Harnessing the power of Mobile Technology

Over the past few years, predictive analytics solutions have become a significant technology for acquiring information from available sources of data, determining patterns, and predicting future trends and results. The key benefits of employing predictive analytics solutions include analyzing historical and existing data to understand products, customers, and partners and identify potential opportunities and risks. However, still many predictive analytics solution providers fail to pay close attention to provide meaningful insights that help organizations in adding more value to their offerings and ensuring customers enjoy a better experience.This is where Velti comes into play.

Founded in 2000, Velti, a leading technically advanced predictive analytics solution provider, aimed to develop and execute highly interactive campaigns with subscribers for mobile operators.

“We had a vision for changing how companies initiate, develop, and deliver marketing initiatives across the mobile channel”, says Menelaos Scouloudis, CEO of Velti.

As a result of hard work, Velti’s reach has expanded dramatically, holding offices in Europe, Middle East, Africa, and Latin America. Now Velti is a leading provider of innovative mobile-centric marketing, customer retention, and content-based solutions, trusted globally by hundreds of mobile operators around the world.


Driven by the need to adapt Velti’s solutions to the requirements of the digital era, Velti launched in 2017 a new personalization optimization solution called Daedalus. Daedalus is a powerful AI-based adaptive recommendation engine, which uses predictive analytics andadvanced machine learning algorithms to evaluate different, multiple customer journeys for each endcustomer and define the one with the higher probability to lead to the desired business actions.To achieve this, Daedalus analyzes a large amount of real-time customer data (including behavioural, demographic, and aggregated insights) for each customer.Using robust predictive analytics and self-learning algorithms, Daedalus scores the propensity of each offer and recommends the best offer with the best language at the best timing per customer, maximizing response rates.

Products and Services

Velti offers solutions that can be easily implemented and measurably increase customer retention and engagement for mobile operators. Also, customers enjoy personalized and relevant content every time they engage with Velti-powered solutions. Velti’s programs enable its clients to meet specific business goals as well as sales and marketing objectives. In other words, operators are able to capture and build customer data, drive base conversion, and meet/exceed cross-sell and upsell revenue targets.

“Our predictive analytics offerings are tied with our customer retention and engagement solutions to create and deliver fully-managed, performance-based, multi-channel programs, which help change customer behavior and drive the KPIs that matter to our clients, be it increasing ARPU, NPS, or other”, says Menelaos Scouloudis.

Velti’s predictive analytics technology offers solutions for several marketing challenges faced by mobile operators. For example, Velti provides customer intelligence from the big data generated from all digital customer interactions, including visits, content engagement, and social media engagement. The company delivers targeted, scored, and segmented lists from client database, based not only on interests and engagement levels but also on propensity to engage with specific content on specific times of year or hours of the day. It provides insights about the next actions to take, visitor by visitor. It optimizes marketing content, such as engagement messages, offers, and rewards through natural language processing and machine learning. It automates the creation, delivery, monitoring, and optimization of inbound and outbound marketing campaigns.

Adopting modern technologies

Velti is an expert in customer engagement and gamified loyalty programs that use predictive analytics to optimize marketing efforts. The company uses artificial intelligence techniques and big data management technologies to enhance predictive models. The company manages the billions of data entries generated by the interactionof millions of telecom customers in outbound and inbound marketing activities and content engagement, using Apache Spark and Apache Sqoop. Data is processed through Extraction-Transformation-Load pipelines using Talendand deep insights provided through Tableau and Qlikview reports. The company’s predictive analytics tools are built using the full array of machine learning technologies, including Python libraries, the H20 open source platform, and Tensorflow. The systems of Velti run on clusters of high-performance servers in data centers or on premise, with customers’ data residing securely on large installations of relational databases, column stores, and search engines.

Relationship with clients

Velti provides outstanding customer experience as ithas a unique model of close interaction with clients.

“Our policy is to consider our clients long-time partners and work closely with them throughout the duration of a project to achieve their ever-evolving business goals,” says Menelaos Scouloudis.

The company’s success is based on close collaboration that givesVelti deep understanding of customer needs and the provision of turnkey solutions meeting those needs. To do that, the company engages professionals from multiple specialties to adapt technology offerings to the particular situation and demands of the client.This includes experienced campaign managers and campaign optimizers working together with the client on developing campaign plans, copywriters writing copy in the appropriate language, digital advertising experts driving acquisition, integrators connecting to client systems and databases, as well as data analysts and data scientists building models for the specific problems faced by each client, not just deploying out of the box, pre-trained models. 

The company’s constantly evolving solutions enable the clients to engage with their customers through highly targeted and personalized campaigns that enhance customer loyalty, create brand awareness and engagement, and result in increase of their revenues.

Velti supports its customers with highly experienced teams that deliver marketing initiatives through the mobile channel. Customers enjoy personalized and relevant content every time they engage with Velti-powered solutions.

Future and Milestones to achieve

Velti in 2019 has been awarded the ISO 27001 certification with the scope of "Management, Design, Development, Installation & Support of Software Products, SaaS & IT Projects".

Going forward, Velti will continue focusing on solutions for mobile operators and developing ways to use its customer and transaction data to enhance the value delivered to its subscribers, while at the same time investing in security and enhanced GDPR practices to ensure privacy and superior data safety.

The company’s challenge is to continue finding and investing in superior talent, keeping ahead of the mobile operators’ needs, and develop new innovative ways (gamification, reporting, targeting, bundling, pricing schemes) to enable the revenue chasing departments of a mobile operator to reach their business targets in revenue (ARPU uplift, churn reduction) and customer satisfaction (NPS or TRIM scores).

“We believe that our focus, our flexibility and our expertise gathered after working  twenty years exclusively in mobile marketing, solely with mobile operators, enable Velti to deliver superior value in manageable timeframes (we can go live in 8-12 weeks) and in a flexible cooperation model (combination of very reasonable capex and monthly opex, and value creation share),” says Menelaos Scouloudis.