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Scientel Solutions: The keystone of our Smart city Revolution

In every industry, there are companies determined to solve their customers’ problems by creating customized solutions that best fit the organization’s needs. Regardless of how tough the challenge may be, they use their expertise and employ the best technologies. However, the key factor that differentiates these companies from their competition is consistency. Today, we are surrounded by companies which operate primarily focusing on creating smart city solutions: Organizations that are contributing to the growth of our economy by revolutionizing our cities one solution at a time.

Scientel Solutions, a smart city solution provider, is one such company that is at the forefront of providing quintessential smart city solutions that help businesses achieve their desired outcomes and better improve the quality of life for their community. Recognized for its next-generation solutions, Scientel Solutions provides the support that is needed as a backbone of any smart city: a wireless infrastructure that enables city workers to connect to IoT applications.

Besides the wireless infrastructure, the company takes a holistic approach to understanding their customers’ needs and provides solutions such as network integrations, physical security, and networking. “As a Universal Integrator, Scientel Solutions can connect multiple devices to an infrastructure enabling a better connected smart city,” says Nelson C. Santos, President, and Cofounder of Scientel Solutions.  For instance, from connecting smart waste meters to allow waste to be efficiently collected to providing smart kiosks that gives information to commuters and walkers, Scientel Solutions enables a better-connected city.

When it comes to security, Scientel Solutions employs a disciplined, multi-layered approach to video surveillance systems. Embracing the fact that enhancing safety and security is about more than having a good VMS, the company brings together the right analytics, the right access to control system, the right intrusion detection systems, as well as the right video cameras for every specialized scenario. In addition, depending upon how the video is traversing the network, the company gives a recommendation on whether bandwidth will potentially create issues.

Placing Customer at the Center

Scientel is an all in one consultant, systems integrator and support provider. Today, the company’s prime solutions such as: broadband wireless, network integrations, physical security and network monitoring have a large customer-following throughout North America.

While their solutions and expertise have played a key role in the company’s growth and success, what separates Scientel Solution from its competitors are their customer-centric services. Unlike other solution providers, the company starts its process by first understanding the issues of customers at hand and then designing solutions that are specific to each of its customers’ needs. Thereafter, the company implements customized project plans and executes on their design. Once the implementation has been completed for a turn-key solution, Scientel Solutions continues to provide support and maintenance. “Providing this full circle service allows Scientel Solutions to deliver world-class service to our customers,” affirms Nelson.

In one instance, the residents in the city of Plano approached Scientel Solutions to create a temporary outdoor event Wi-Fi environment and control center for use by on-ground first responders during its Plano Balloon festival. The challenge for Scientel Solutions was to create a secure Wi-Fi network for a command vehicle at the three-day public event that would see an estimated 60,000 visitors.  Also, the Wi-Fi network needed to be installed within a short timeframe and as a temporary fixture required to be economical.

The target set by Scientel Solution was to support 1,000+ simultaneous users connected, and in order to do it the engineering team at Scientel Solutions had to step up: They needed to design and configure access points, controller and a minimum of 12 hardwired points available on the network.

Leveraging existing infrastructure at the Oak Park Amphitheatre, the company aligned Point-to-Point (P2P) systems with light poles in strategic locations and ran sturdy CAT5 cable to the command vehicle. The result was a quintessential solution that could be deployed rapidly and economically. “The city of Plano was adequately prepared for any emergency response required during the highly attended Plano Balloon festival. And of course, as many as 60,000 people enjoyed the balloon festival safely,” adds Nelson.

Long-Lasting Relationships

The company has built long-lasting relationships with not only customers but also with their partners and stakeholders across the globe. With over twenty-five years of experience in the industry, Scientel has partnered with clients in all verticals to provide its turn-key solutions. “As a Universal Integrator, Scientel is vendor agnostic, which allows for us to select only the best products and deliver a high quality of work for every project,” affirms Nelson. This consistency in delivering quality-driven services has helped them make long-lasting relationships with long-term clients and has given them the capability to serve projects on all corners of the globe.

An additional aspect that makes Scientel Solutions the go-to choice is their adoption of the right technologies at the right time. The team at Scientel Solutions evaluates new technologies very early in their life cycle and makes choices on broadening their capabilities to be ready when market adoption picks up. For this reason, the company keeps an eye on the new technologies arriving in the market and constantly researches how the much-anticipated fourth industrial revolution can help customers worldwide leverage these technologies to meet their goals - including desired business outcomes and improving the quality of life for their residents at large.

Toward a Better Future

Scientel Solutions has experienced steady growth over the past decade. Taking pride in the company’s growth Nelson says, “We are happy with the progress we are making towards our long-term strategic growth goals and we are optimistic that this will continue as we expand.” Over the last year itself, the company has seen significant employee growth. In addition to this employee growth, the company is in the process of relocating its world headquarters to Aurora, IL. “From there, we will be able to expand even more,” concludes Nelson.

Scientel Solutions offers a new approach to smart city solutions and is driven to become a leader in the industry by implementing innovative technical solutions; the future is looking bright for the team.

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Providing this full circle service allows Scientel Solutions to deliver world-class service to our customers

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As a Universal Integrator, Scientel Solutions can connect multiple devices to an infrastructure enabling a better connected smart city