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Ctrl Shift VFX State-of-the-art creative video studio specializing in video branding

Today, digital video consumption has grown exponentially. A recent research projects that IP video traffic will be 82% of all consumer internet traffic by 2020. The rise of video creation tools, smartphones, social media and adoption by publishers has ensured video continues to remain ever powerful. Therefore, for businesses looking to expand, the right video branding initiatives, a key marketing function, can go a long way in conveying why exactly they’re valuable to prospective consumers.

In fact, when done correctly, a company video profile can successfully deliver any message, secure consumer loyalty and create loyal employees. For this reason, successful businesses are starting to invest more and more in creative occupations within the commercial video industry. However, it’s lesser known that although investments come in, the trend is fairly recent. Under these circumstances, the majority of creative professionals face fewer opportunities, lesser scope for further growth, low drive and poor productivity.

Herein, a group of experienced creatives based in Houston, Texas, formulated a business plan. Having closely observed the prevailing trends in the creative video industry, the group jointly established a creative video service platform named ‘Ctrl Shift VFX’, in 2017. This platform would primarily allow creative professionals to display their work while utilizing technology to better serve customer needs. One of their main business endeavors is to help their clients achieve their dreams through their video creation services. Working with technologies such as motion graphics, 3D animation and videography, the creative videos they furnish communicates their clients’ message efficiently.

The management has noticed that creative professionals working with video requirements are often not given enough time. Jocelyn Randolph, the founder of Ctrl Shift VFX explains their counter-strategy, “All too often video needs are rushed. As a result, video works are rushed and fail to connect to viewers emotionally. One of the ways we address this is by hiring writers that are not only great at their work, but also have an extensive background in other areas outside of traditional corporate technical lingo such as writing poetry, comedy, and fiction. We’ve found this adds a human element, which we apply throughout the entire creative pipeline.”

In addition to their expertise and in-depth understanding of motion graphics, 3D animation and video, what keeps them successful is their hunger for the latest technologies and practices. The company is constantly on the lookout for the latest revolutionizing programs and plug-ins to streamline their creative output. Jocelyn remarks, “In early 2018, we expanded our services with virtual tours including embedded content. We’re currently developing new content, such as virtual reality training experiences, practical AR uses for marketing and education, and 360 video captures with integrated motion graphics and CGI.”

The company’s business operation model ensures client satisfaction, every time. Ctrl Shift VFX skillfully manages critical conversations, taking responsibility and a punctual work ethic. In the initial stages, the company begins speaking to with the clients informing them of all the vital project-related information including the best course of action and the goal. Until project completion, the company regularly informs clients with progress markers and constantly monitors project status. Ultimately, all employees know that honesty and maintaining communication with clients are vital.

Having served big companies such as HP, Sysco, LifeProof, Sasol, etc. their services are highly recommended from each and every client. Some of their customer testimonials include: “The most talented group of digital and interactive designers. Highly recommended for any individual or business seeking videos, animations, interactive experiences, etc.”— a recent recommendation from LifeEnergy. Similarly, another recent customer OtterBox expresses, “Ctrl Shift VFX has been a trusted partner that I am able to rely on to deliver quality work that is above and beyond our expectations.”

With innumerable success stories pouring in from their clients, Ctrl Shift VFX is enjoying market success. But, their story is far from complete. Jocelyn sums it up, “We hope to expand our team by 2022 and continue to develop more interactive experiences to connect with our consumers beyond video content. Video will of course always be near and dear to our hearts, but we’ll continue to grow with the needs of our clients as technology advances.”

Quote 1: The company is constantly on the lookout for the latest revolutionizing programs and plug-ins to streamline their creative output

Quote 2: Ctrl Shift VFX skillfully manages critical conversations, taking responsibility and a punctual work ethic.