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NetAbstraction : A Network Service Provider with Unique Privacy Capability

Barbara hunt
founder & ceo
net abstraction

Technology over the past few decades has become an increasingly integral aspect of the workplace.From email correspondence to professional networking, businesses rely on technology to be connected at all times and conduct work effectively. However, when these lines of communication are threatened, it can have a disastrous effect on the business.One of the most rampant and personal threats to cyber security is data leaks, which can be extremely damaging to both an individual and business. All businesses hold a range of data, from customer insight to employee data, which often contains sensitive information which can be easily put at risk if businesses don’t take a number of steps to protect. While most organizations are concerned with and try to address security in order to protect their customers’ data, network privacy on the enterprise level is usually not considered.NetAbstraction is one such company that protects our identity and provides additional privacy and security for communications on the Internet.

Founded in 2012, NetAbstraction provides a patented, cloud-based service that proactively prevents cyber attacks by disguising and varying your network pathways. The main objective of NetAbstraction is to provide privacy and security to its customers’ network by protecting their identity.Developed from roots in the U.S. Intelligence Community, NetAbstraction’s technology is born from its expertise in designing, creating and implementing non-traditional and non-attributable telecommunication networks in support of critical U.S. Intelligence Community missions.Now, the unparalleled technology is available to enterprises that need to protect their information, people and networks from the growing pool of cyber attacks.

Marking Difference

NetAbstraction is the future of networking for businesses. MPLS circuits and leased lines are expensive. They are also fixed and limit the ability to elastically meet bandwidth demands. When considering the use of the Internet, there are significant cost savings, but performance and security are equally important. NetAbstraction leverages Software-Defined Networking (SDN) technology, coupled with additional layers of privacy and security protection to provide an opportunity for businesses to leverage the Internet for transport. NetAbstraction’s patented design addresses key fundamental deficiencies in SDN.

While many other existing networks offer limited protection, security, privacy and performance, leaving companies open to cyber attacks, NetAbstraction’s Network Privacy platform disguises and protects networks, communications, applications and data with unique obfuscation solutions.

NetAbstraction has unique obfuscation methodologies. Its carrier-class performance provides network privacy and security for its customers. It dynamically shifts the network and has the ability to encrypt end-to-end through its own network. The company also has the ability establish new nodes on the fly. It reduces the overall cyber-attack surface.

NetAbstraction offers a proactive privacy network that provides privacy, security and performance—the only solution that dynamically moves networks in real time for security and resiliency.

NetAbstractionis an expert in identity management and building low-profile communications networks on a global basis.The company has decades of experience in the Intelligence Community and deep domain expertise in protected Internet communications from the most sophisticated and focused cyber adversaries. The company can isolate its customers from carrier/cloud provider vulnerabilities by abstracting the network from the underlying physical infrastructure used for transport.Each NetAbstraction customer receives a logically separated communications pathway through the company’s network.

NetAbstraction leverages Software-Defined Networking (SDN) technology, coupled with additional layers of privacy and security protection to provide an opportunity for businesses to leverage the Internet for transport. The company’s patented ability to control the routing through its SDN overlay network allows dramatically enhanced performance and meets, or often exceeds the performance of global MPLS circuits. The company also leverages cost-effective Internet-based transport and shared service infrastructure to pass along tremendous value to our customers.

Customer Benefits

Customers of NetAbstraction benefit from a decreased cyber profile that makes targeting or attributing them to a particular organization a monumental challenge for adversaries, along with complete isolation from malware and browser-born threats.NetAbstraction provides a suite of interface options to address security challenges in both browsing and networking. NetAbstraction’s malware-protected browser couples browser isolation technology—executing browsing code/activity on a virtual machine away from your physical device and network— with a discreet, low-profile, private network.

NetAbstraction provides identity-protected Internet access to its customers. Only NetAbstraction provides the solution with multiple interface options for a variety of business activities.

“NetAbstraction effectively hides the existence of communications pathways from the adversary before you become a target. If they can’t find you…they can’t attack you,” says Barbara Hunt, CEO and Founder of NetAbstraction.

Mission and Vision of NetAbstraction

NetAbstraction’s mission is toprotect identities and provide unique security when operating on the Internet.

The company is currently in Beta with a clientless version of its IPIA solution that it will be releasing in the coming months. The company is also continuing to invest in its technology partnerships and alliances.

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