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NearShore Technology: the Right IT Solution Provider for Your Business

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In a fast-paced environment, even the most successful organizations need to address the following question: can you compete against emerging businesses that were born in the Internet age? Existing organizations that want to thrive in the digital economy are increasingly aware of the fact that satisfying IT resource needs is a critical challenge, and the only way to prepare for it is to rely on the best managed solution provider. This is where NearShore Technology comes into play. Even though there are several managed solution providers, they fail to pay close attention to provide qualitative solutions to IT resource needs. NearShore Technology is one such company that satisfies IT resource needs with the highest level of quality, while delivering the value expected from traditional onshore expertise.

Founded in 2013, NearShore Technology found the better way to serve the complex needs of CTOs, CIOs, and IT leaders. The company has experienced exponential growth and success over the past six years because of its employees and strategic partnerships. The company’s mission to “ADD VALUE” has helped make Inc. 5000 for the second year in a row which directly speaks to its employees’ commitment to its mission and relentless focus on customer satisfaction.


NearShore Remote Services™ (NSRS) helps companies cut the TCO of their information technology systems, their maintenance, and service costs by 50% for significant and ongoing savings. This TCO approach and methodology consider the total expenditures of offshore engagements. For IT leaders, the company’s model is a highly competitive option when compared to low-cost offshore alternatives. The model is highly efficient and provides not only a higher quantity of work but also a higher quality of work performed when compared to the offshore model. The company guarantees its managed services in Service Level Agreements (SLA) with customer Key Performance Indicators (KPIs). The company can constantly communicate in the same language and with the same goals.

Businesses need to create fascinating experiences. Companies live and die by their ability to respond, innovate, and deliver. NearShore Technology has enabled business to bring products to market, to create fascinating experiences.

NearShore Technology has two very distinct departments: Partner Success and Employee Success. In addition, the company has two programs: Be Rich and Be Well. The company’s “Be Rich Program” aims to empower kids. The program has a huge focus on education in very low-income communities; the company provides funds, their employees provide the hands and the hearts that labor to repair schools in disarray and to provide the STEM classes to students within the schools.

Customer Benefits

NearShore Technology dedicates its resources 100% to its clients’ goals. In fact, the company measures itself by its customers’ measurements. Customers are able to gain visibility into maintenance activities and progress, have dedicated resources for development and quality assurance and can control and forecast budgets accurately by setting up cost controls. The benefits that our customers receive from NearShore Remote Services™ (NSRS) are reduced TCO on legacy systems, help desk support in the same time zone, free up IT resources for business-critical tasks, and ensuring systems stay up-to-date through remote maintenance and lifecycle management.

“Our employees are family. We invest in their professional and personal development, in their health and communities. In return, our people are warm, caring, intelligent, creative, and professional, which brings a spirit of family and excellence to our company,” says Gabriel J. Apodaca, CEO and President.

The following statement is from the testimony of NearShore Technology’s customers:

“I would like to recognize the entire NearShore Team team for bringing our510 (k) together for submission to the FDA.  They overcame the challenges of coordinating between multiple impacting projects to complete the first KBO of the year!  This is a significant milestone for our new product roadmap!”

“I wanted to personally thank you for introducing me to the amazing Nearshore family. I’m in love with everyone I came across - literally everyone.
It should be impossible to have a collection of this many wonderful, top notch employees in one company, yet here you are. My stay in Mérida was life altering and packed full of business gold!”

Work Culture

When an employee joins NearShore Technology, they stop working in silos and become a part of a selfless mission to make everything around them better—their family, team, and projects. The culture in NearShore Technology has fostered a work environment unmatched in innovation capacity that is overflowing with talent.

“We believe that if you treat people well, everything else falls into place. Alignment and transparency are words we live by, they are values embedded in our approach to our employees and our customer service. More than ever, this kind of culture and service is needed,” says Gabriel J. Apodaca.

Mission and Vision

NearShore Technology’s mission is to “ADD VALUE” to its employees, customers, stakeholders, communities, countries, and the world. The mission drives three of the master tenets, namely, alignment, transparency, and accountability.

NearShore Technology aims to grow the company to 2000 people and become the best outsourcing solution in the market. To create an innovation center, NearShore’s commitment to Imagination, Ideation, and Innovation continues to push toward a new headquarters located in CODA building next to GA Tech in downtown Atlanta, which will be completed in 2020. This unique position will help foster its innovation center with a focus on Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning in conjunction with industry and education. The company’s long-term social goals continue to focus on STEM education for those in underprivileged areas, and a very specific goal is to have one of our grade school students in the remote parts of Mexico, attend college and ultimately work at NearShore Technology and continue the cycle!

“We built NearShore around employees and clients; people working well together to solve problems and to make advancements. Yes, we have all the software skills of a world-class IT outsourcing partner, but what sets us apart is our collaborative attitude and process-driven approach. It’s inspiring to see how a focus on people makes such a dramatic improvement in productivity,” says Yancy W. Riddle, COO.

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