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Aiforia Technologies Oy Empowering healthcare experts with AI-based image analysis solutions

When it comes to the most sophisticated technology that can change the way we manage our daily lives and businesses, it is clear that Artificial Intelligence (AI) has the power to do that. The technology has already solved many challenges in different sectors such as logistics, transportation, manufacturing, and agriculture and now healthcare is one of the biggest growing industries to adopt AI. Today we are witnessing the way with which this technology is adding value to this industry.

From drug development to clinical research and from intelligent diagnosis to therapeutic treatment, the application of AI in healthcare is transforming every aspect of the industry and is bringing about better patient outcomes. Further, it enables easy access, affordability, and effectiveness for both patients and doctors alike. 

Today, almost every organization is aware of the benefits of adopting AI technology to provide better healthcare to patients.  Many healthcare service providers are increasingly seeking the help of technology experts to simplify their complex processes and add value to them. 

Aiforia Technologies Oy is chief among them. The company develops AI-powered image analysis solutions that help healthcare experts to enhance their diagnosis process. Founded in 2013 from the Finnish Institute for Molecular Medicine at the University of Helsinki, Aiforia is made up of a mixture of medical doctors, experienced life science entrepreneurs, software and deep learning developers. With the mission to implement AI in the image-based diagnostic process, the company aims to enable better, faster, and more personalized care for patients. 

Aiforia Create is a software module that enables healthcare professionals and medical researchers to develop their own deep learning AI models to automate their quantitative pathology and image analysis tasks. Kaisa Helminen, CEO of Aiforia Technologies Oy adds, “These AI models are trained by showing examples of target features to neural networks, so no data science or programming experience is required.” Ultimately slow, manual, and bias-prone analysis tasks can be automated to visualize and create quantitative and highly accurate data. Workflows can be optimized to reach new levels of efficiency. 

Aiforia also offers customizable professional services, through which customers can have bespoke AI models built to address specific image analysis needs or challenges in order for the customer to achieve their targets.

Aiforia’s tools and services live in the cloud-based platform. The platform enables knowledge and data sharing without restrictions and also provides the opportunity for remote consultation for areas which have a shortage of medical experts.

Unlike other image analysis software products available in the market that are typically on-premise installations and have limited features; Aiforia Cloud is easily accessible via a web-based subscription at affordable rates. No local hardware or coding knowledge is needed to get started.

Designed by experienced software developers and AI experts from a wide range of other backgrounds, Kaisa Helminen adds, “Their expertise has been one of the key factors in our success in bringing the latest deep learning AI technologies in image recognition available for medical domain.”

Aiforia Technologies Oy in clinical diagnostics and medical research fields

Although technology has been steadily revolutionizing healthcare, many clinical diagnostic processes like radiology, pathology, and dermatology depend on manual methods of image analysis. These can result in a delay in generating reports which are sometimes not based on highly accurate data due to subjectivity in analysis with manual methods. 

Aiforia, in this regard, empowers healthcare experts to simplify their processes by automating them. With the help of AI-powered image analysis tools, the company enables pathologists to enhance their efficiency with improved accuracy and decreased inter-observer variation. 

Similarly, the company supports the medical research sector that involves the study of a huge amount of data and samples to develop drugs with different characteristics. These researchers can’t depend on traditional tools and software to analyze reports and extract information. Taking this into account, the company gives them access to deep learning AI based image analysis that enables the automation of detection and quantification tasks — ranging from simple, time-consuming tasks to more complex analyses which are beyond human capability.

This helps researchers and medical professionals to discover new drugs and treatments for incurable diseases.  Kaisa Helminen says, “Revealing all this information will allow researchers and medical professionals to start asking new questions, to make new discoveries from biological samples, and to move towards more quantitative science.”

Stand out in the marketplace

There are several reasons why Aiforia Technologies Oy has become the preferred solution provider in the field of quantitative pathology. But the one which makes the company separate from its competitors is the “do-it-yourself” approach offering medical professionals an easy entry point to AI-powered image analysis, as well as its versatility and customer-centric services. The company provides multipurpose solutions to analyze images of all kinds and sizes—from gigantic pathology images to mobile phone camera images. Kaisa Helminen says, “We are the leading solution provider with the most versatile image analysis platform for various types of medical images, and actually all kinds of 2D images, supporting the most complex image analysis tasks.”

Moreover, the company dives into understanding customer’s requirements and develops solutions which cater to their needs. Kaisa adds, “This is a significant asset for the software company to develop a product that really solves customers’ needs, and to provide best-in-class support for users to guide them forward with their own AI-powered image analysis tasks.”

Moving towards a sustainable growth

By providing end-to-end solutions in various sectors of healthcare Aiforia has positioned itself as a leading provider for versatile and multidisciplinary AI-based image analysis solutions.

Now the company has reached the phase where it can expand its business globally. Kaisa states, “We are especially focusing on the medical research and drug development sectors in Europe and North America, where we founded our first subsidiary last year (in Cambridge, MA).” 

In the near future, “the company is planning to introduce more solutions and applications in clinical diagnostics,” concludes Kaisa Helminen.


We see ourselves not just as a technology company but as solution providers. This mindset is key to proactively finding solutions that turn data into actionable insights. “