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10 Trending Social Media Technologies You Should Learn In 2019

10 Trending Social Media Technologies You Should Learn In 2019

Angelo Chongco
Content Manager

Technology keeps on evolving rapidly, and it’s so much more in different social media platforms. Today, the use of social media is no longer limited to just building relationships and sharing thoughts. It can now be used as an important tool to succeed in career, advocacy or in business. As such, being in the loop about the trending social media technologies will help ensure brand competitiveness.

In this article, we’re going to show you the latest apps, software, devices, techniques and new social media platforms that will matter the most in the coming years.


Vero is the most applauded social media platform at this point. This application is now taking on Facebook and Instagram. It offers early adopters to register for free.

Unlike other platforms, Vero promises no ads, no data mining and no algorithm. As such, it sounds like a heaven-sent social media app for those who prefer absolute privacy and a personalized feed.

Its greatest selling point is an ordered feed, which many individuals have been asking for since time immemorial. As an entrepreneur or business founder, despite the lack of promotional features, you can still grow your brand through broad customer base research, discovery and power of browsing.

New Affiliate Opportunities

Businesses see different social media platforms as an integral part of their sales campaigns. With Facebook ad prices going nowhere but up, it’s just right to make every cent count. Apart from directly selling and drop shipping, another opportunity to milk money out of your network is through new affiliate opportunities

Keep yourself aware about the newest programs, especially those that pay high and with very little conditions. 

Privacy and Security Apps

As social media has become a huge part of personal and business needs, you must learn how to protect yourself through usage of different privacy and security apps. Things like spyware, ransomware, and viruses can infiltrate your devices. These don’t just mess up a system, but could syphon your important details such as personal data, social security and credit card info, which can be used for identity theft and fraudulent activities.

Quantity of new malware variations for mobile expanded by 54% in 2017. That is as indicated by Symantec's Internet Security Threat Report 2018. Having your private details stolen can compromise your life in many ways. That is the reason it's critical to secure your protection online. 

Top VPN for mobile includes CyberGhost, TunnelBear, HotSpot shield and more. These can hide your exact location, disguise your IP address, prevent logs, offers phishing protection, and even password management services.

Google Algorithm and Other Updates

Google has been through a lot of upgrades since January 1996. So, is Google important for business? Everyone knows the answer to this, and everyone also knows the possible repercussions to a brand or company shall the executives ignore what this search engine can do.

Google provides secure browsing experience across the web. Google represents 92.96% of the worldwide internet searcher showcase as of September 2019 (Source: Stat Counter, 2019). Clearly, this will remain as the biggest mainstream search engine by 2020.

Due to this, it’s important for a company to hire a digital marketer who has expertise in search engine marketing. With Google ads expanding your reach to be at the highest point of advertisement, it’s highly reasonable for anyone who wants to make it big in the virtual world to learn more about how to rank in Google searches.

Watching out for each update will give you a bit of an advantage.

Video Content Creation and Marketing

Videos are expected to be the biggest content type in 2020. Gone are the days where memes are king. Although other types like images, thumbnail links to an article, text can still be used for engaging with your followers and marketing your products and services, it’s a wise decision to widen your appeal through video content marketing.

Compared to others, video recordings have fewer challenges. By 2019, 80% of worldwide Internet consumption will be video content. Advertisers who use video develop income 49% quicker than non-video clients. Advertisers who use video get 41% more web traffic from search than non-clients (Source: Renderforest, 2019)

Freelancers who would like to have a prosperous online gig in 2020 would need to upskill and learn about video editing. Influencers would be forced to create videos instead of just posting images. With the current trend, video domination is bound to happen.

Brand Ambassador Marketing

Influencers play a huge role in reaching out to a wide array of audience segment. Their popularity can pull your brand out of the dark and make their followers instantly trust your brand. Now, that they began to rise each year, small businesses must begin using social media influencers rather than starting their advertisements as they can improve the content of your vision and learn from them as a beginner. 

One of the key patterns of the most recent couple of years has been the development of influencer marketing via sponsored content on social media. New research from showcasing stage Socialbakers into Instagram advertising shows that in North America, influencer-supported posts have developed by more than 150 percent from 2018 to 2019. is an app developed by Alex Zhu and Luyu Yang which was released on April 2014. It was a product borne out of the thought of consolidating music, recordings, and social media to draw in youngsters. In only three years, this app already gathered 200 million users worldwide in 2017 and it keeps taking the web by storm. 

So, how can help your company? This app needs a different strategy rather than focusing the content on your brand and be too serious. Using you can reach your audience in a comedic way as a brand’s objective is to become visible and popular. 

Having a great content advertisement can’t help your brand. As a digital marketer, you must make your brand known first and this app is the perfect fit for your needs. 

Augmented Reality Innovation

AR enables brands to offer one of a kind experiences to the audience. And this is essential for apps and game developers who like to make it big in the world of virtual reality.

We’ve seen how Pokémon Go took over the world, even for a short while. This could happen again, and everyone’s hoping that it’s their game that will grow as the next big thing.

Now that augmented reality is taking part in our daily life, its should not come as a surprise when some companies start to sell using this feature. It provides more satisfaction to customers and it will make them feel like they’re purchasing on a store.


Telegram is quite underrated at this point, but it keeps on consistently increasing its user base. This app can connect your brand to a user in an instant. But, what’s unique on this app? 

Telegram had the best policies in terms of privacy. With it, you can easily trust on this app that any private information about you cannot be stolen. Plus, the fact that you can send a message to several users at once and create a chatbot. 

The app is also used to gain organic engagements through a social media marketing strategy called engagement pods. Instagram account owners take time to like and comment on previously posted IG post links so they can post there to and receive their share of engagement.

Soon, more marketing techniques will be discovered and as someone who’d like to grow your social media fan pages quickly, it’s something you don’t want to miss.   


Imagine using an automated chatbot so you can have someone to respond to customer inquiries while you’re busy expanding the business. How good was that? 

Not only in sales and customer management, but chatbot can now be used as a library and a recruitment assistant. The use of chatbots lessens the cost for manpower as it can take the work of a few full-time employees. But still, do not forget that human deduction is still the best 

Business Insider experts believe that in 2020, 80% of the businesses will use chatbots. It can provide a lot of benefits to your company such as saving time and money, as stated by Chatbots magazine using automated agents can help your business to save up to 30%. As it provides a more consistent service in terms of handling inquiries. 


The year 2020 is another arena for those who are trying to build an empire.  Whether they would succeed or not, really depends on the tools they are using. Social media use and the upcoming technologies are something a marketer or business owner should watch out for if they want their brand to slay the year.