Headlines 500 : Meet Fastest Growing Companies To Watch In 2018

To inspire you should impart; To impart you should uncover. Headlines 500,a list of fastest 500 growing companies, inspire and impart you with the list of companies that have made the stride to Success, growth, and Glory in the year 2018. Our annual list represents premier 500 companies that have contributed to the growth of the economy and nation by bringing in new innovations, solving customers’ problems, and creating remarkable instances for others to follow.

Headlines 500:

Our list of fastest-growing 500 brings to light the companies that have ideally met the standards of our editorial board. Explore the list and discover the fastest growing companies of the year 2018.

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Company Website Industry Founded Year State
Kiandra IT https://kiandra.com.au/ Business Intelligence 1995 Melbourne, Victoria
Kindred Systems Inc https://www.kindred.ai/ Robotics 2014 San Francisco, California
KiSSFLOW https://kissflow.com/ Work flow Automation 2012 San Francisco Bay Area
Kryon Systems https://www.kryonsystems.com/ RPA 2008 United States
Kyvos https://www.kyvosinsights.com/ Big Data 2012 Los Gatos, CA
Laserfiche https://www.laserfiche.com/ BPM 1987 Long Beach, California
Layer One http://www.layer-one.com/ Assest management 2017 New York
Leap Motion https://www.leapmotion.com/ Virtual Reality 2010 San Francisco, CA
LeasePlan https://www.leaseplan.com/en-in/ Fleet technology 1963 India
Life Image https://www.lifeimage.com/ Artificial Intelligence 2008 Washington
LiftIgniter http://www.liftigniter.com/ Augmented Intelligence 2013 San Francisco, CA
Lightning Labs https://lightning.engineering/ Blockchain 2016 San Francisco
LitBit www.litbit.com/ AI 2014 San Jose, CA
LO3 Energy https://lo3energy.com/ BlockChain 2012 Brooklyn, NY
Locus Robotics https://www.locusrobotics.com/ Robotics 2014 Wilmington, MA
Logic PD http://www.logicpd.com Product Development 1960 Eden Prairie, MN
LogiGear https://www.logigear.com/ Edge Software 1994 San Mateo, California
LogiNet https://www.loginetsolutions.com/ Fleet management, 2005 Laval, Québec
Lookout https://www.lookout.com/ Cybersecurity 2007 San Francisco, California
Losant https://www.losant.com/ IOT 2015 Cincinnati, Ohio
Lucid https://lucidconnects.com/ Facility management 2004 Oakland, CA
Lumiata https://www.lumiata.com/ Artificial Intelligence 2013 San Mateo, California
MAANA Inc https://www.maana.io/ Digital Technology 2012 Palo Alto, CA
Magic https://getmagic.com/ Virtual Assistant 2015 San Francisco, CA.
MagicCube http://www.magiccube.co/ IOT 2014 Santa Clara, CA