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Small businesses have long been the vital part of America’s economy as a whole, and their success has been essential for the U.S’ economic growth and prosperity. From creating more than three-fourth of country’s jobs to generating more than half of the country’s gross domestic products, they influence and contribute to the economy in many ways. Despite this fact, many a time, we overlook the obstacles these businesses face and thereby forget the role they play for the growth of our nation.

Joe Kellogg and JB Kellogg, two-spirited entrepreneurs, always believed that the lifeblood of the American economy was small businesses. Unlike the other entrepreneurs who just acknowledge the fact, Joe and JB wanted to help these small businesses grow. To fulfill their mission of helping small businesses grow, they founded Madwire in May of 2009.

Joe and JB were already aware of the main challenge faced by small businesses: Though small businesses had the potential to innovate quality-driven products, they didn’t have the right marketing platform to grow their businesses. Understanding this gap, Joe and JB, along with the team at Madwire, designed a quintessential marketing technology platform, Marketing 360, to address the marketing needs of small businesses.

The company’s marketing platform, Marketing 360, was increasingly adopted by small businesses owing to its ability to offer a wide array of features under one roof— right from e-mail marketing to social media management. A combination of both talent and technology, Marketing 360 did not just enabled small businesses to market and grow online, but also allowed Madwire to position itself as the leading marketing platform provider in the industry. In less than 9.5 years, Madwire has grown to over 560 employees and has over 2,500 positive online reviews posted over sites such as Capterra, Software Advice, and many more. “We created a unique software + service model, which are how we are operating today. We will continue to innovate and create technology and services to help small businesses,” stated JB.

Fostering an innovative culture

The reason behind this quick and steady growth is Madwire’s culture built on values and trust. By empowering and encouraging its team to be innovative and share ideas straight with the executive them, the company ensures that everybody gets equal opportunities to succeed, and has transparency at work. Recognized by Glassdoor’s Best Places to Work consecutively in 2016, 2017, 2018, the company always aims to hire people with an entrepreneurial mindset that lead by inspiration and example. “We believe in execution excellence in everything that we do. That is our standard and that standard is non-negotiable. We expect every one of our team members to adopt that value and hold themselves true to it,” explained JB.

When asked how the company improves the productivity and the efficiency of its workforce, Joe says, “The way that we have our team organized really makes for a productive and efficient team. Each marketing team has 2 Senior Marketing Directors that manage the team, account managers, graphic designers, content writers, social media managers, project managers, and ad specialists. ” Also, the company has eight different marketing teams with about 40-50 on each team. “Being structured in this way allows for friendly competition amongst the teams, as well as allows us to scale our very fast growth,” added Joe.

By employing Madwire’s quintessential technology in place, customers get a whole range of benefits to growing their business. While Marketing 360 arms small businesses with all the tools and programs essential for growth, it also gives access to the dedicated talent that can ensure the best customer experience possible in the industry. With its commitments to consumers and the culture built on values, the company continually outperforms its competitors at delivering results to clients. Also, “we are constantly innovating and creating new technology to incorporate into Marketing 360. Our customers trust that we will always have their backs and over deliver,” Joe.

Madwire takes pride in its ability to offer everything under one roof—right from the CRM software to SMS marketing. But that doesn’t stop the team at Madwire from innovating and incorporating new features into its powerful marketing technology platform, Marketing 360. Yet, the company is making improvements to the existing suite of products and services offered, as well as adding new things based on the needs of small business owners.

For its contributions to the industry, the company has been recognized through several awards and accolades including Inc 500, Inc. Hire Power, Glass Door Best places to Work, Glass Door Top CEOs, Entrepreneur 360, Mercury 100 Fastest Growing Company, Colorado Top 50 family-owned companies, and many more. “We are going to continue helping small businesses grow. Wherever that takes us, it takes us. We hope to grow our team to 1200 people over the next 2-3 years, and eventually grow to 3000 and have our own campus,” concludes JB.


"Small businesses have long been the vital part of America’s economy as a whole, and their success has been essential for the U.S’ economic growth and prosperity"