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Lisa Dolev : How the Air Force Shaped an Inspirational Entrepreneur

Lisa Dolev : How the Air Force Shaped an Inspirational Entrepreneur

Lisa Dolev : How the Air Force Shaped an Inspirational Entrepreneur

Lisa mobilized a combination of the absolute best of people, uncommon resources and unusual approaches to execute and succeed in projects that were deemed impossible by others Whether a problem is big or small, an eagerness to take a stand, lead, and resolve it makes a person unique from others. But only few can show that eagerness and persevere to come through with a solution. Lisa Dolev, CEO, and founder of Qylur Intelligent Systems, a determined challenge-slayer, counts among those few. The keenness to address important challenges, no matter how hard, is what separates Lisa from others and uniquely colors her leadership qualities. Lisa says, “My professional journey began with my military service as an Air Force officer, when I experienced some key moments”. “As a young officer” she had to navigate multiple hurdles, which shaped her as a successful leader. Two inspirational experiences that took place in her military service are especially unforgettable. The first was when she was appointed as a technology officer and put in charge of a project with tremendous barriers and insufficient resources. After consulting with her father, Lisa decided not to accept things as they were but fight to make an impact. In Lisa’s words, “I stayed on, became the commander of  the unit and mobilized a combination of the absolute best of people, uncommon resources and unusual approaches to execute and succeed in projects that were deemed impossible by others.

This has become my DNA as a manager and a leader.”

The second experience taught her to face fear. Despite being intensely acrophobic, she went through “a parachuting course” including the concluding jump, and earned her airborne wings. Knowing she was capable of overcoming her fear of heights helped her pursue her future goals fearlessly.

Hailing from a military family background, Lisa has always been passionate about contributing to society. Her uncompromising commitment to protecting people’s lives and way of life drove her to found

Qylur in 2005. This Silicon Valley-based company aims to bring the best technologies together to deliver the most advanced security screening with delightful user experience at large public venues. Qylur’s innovative Qylatron solution and business model are disrupting the security, operationsand Industrial IoT (IIoT) markets. Lisa says, “Our solutions offer guests a fun, respectful and personalized self-service process, while helping venues to continuously optimize their security and operations”. The Qylatron Entry Experience leverages IIoT and artificial intelligence to uniquely streamline, secure and transform guest entry at stadiums, amusement parks, iconic venues, and public offices. Qylur’s solutions serve various sectors including sports and entertainment, government and transportation.

"Though Lisa’s successful journey from" an officer to a leading entrepreneur at Qylur is admirable, it was certainly not without its challenges. Since Qylur has been integrating cutting-edge technologies like AI in an ambitious robotic system from its early stage, it struggled to attract venture capital firms that shy away from any capital equipment component. But Lisa did find a way to finance Qylur, helped by her discerning ability to select and team up with the right people. Lisa asserts, “I overcame this by taking an unconventional route of pursuing highly selected investors who shared in the vision in addition to the prospect of financial gain”.

The early phase of Qylur required intensive travelling, both domestic and international. Being a tech entrepreneur, a wife and a mother of two sons, she was quickly faced with the challenge of balancing work and life. Here again, with strong support from family and her winning attitude, she prevailed. Lisa explains,

“We managed this challenge by sheer family support and engagement. I am extraordinarily lucky in this regard”. She further adds, “A few years ago I asked my husband to leave his position and career at Cisco to help me build up Qylur and this was a great business and personal gift”.

Lisa is extremely focused on her vision of Qylur’s success, in which she also sees her own. In the near future, Lisa is steering Qylur to be a primary solution provider of latest technologies to protect human’s lives. Down the road, she would like Qylatrons to be integrated with other modern technologies and to be available in all venues. Ultimately, she envisions the growth of the company to a multi-billion dollar business. But throughout, she wishes to see the same passion and dedication among Qylur’s employees and partners that the company has had since the beginning. Lisa clearly believes that success demands

excellent people to work with, and so follows basic principles and methods to hire the right talent. Lisa explains, “I hire only people who are very smart, have a very high internal compass on quality, efficiency, perfectionism and dedication. I’m looking for people who care deeply about their craft or profession, who care deeply about the customer and public safety, and who are self-driven and are on board with the vision I have set out. In my opinion, the right people are the most critical key in any endeavor”.

With all her many triumphs in both the military and business sector, Lisa maintains quite a humble attitude about herself. She shares the credit of her success with her employees, stating, “Throughout my career, I have enjoyed the privilege of finding excellent people, partners, and stakeholders that help get things done”.

And as always, she is planning the future of Qylur – and making it happen! Her next big item on the agenda is to pass the baton on to a new growth phase CEO for the security business. Lisa concludes, “2019 will be a transformative year building up our growth. I’m excited to have him step in, grow and fulfill our vision while I continue as executive chairman”. She further adds, “Commercially,

we will be focusing on custom build-to-order offerings for market leading venues and together usher in a transformation of the guest entry and security point. We will also be developing our AI and IIoT business into its own operation with the focus and resources that it needs”.