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With the motto “new school technology, old school support,” Flightdocs strives to solve the problems of customers with urgency and accuracy

If we look at any organization that has achieved and sustained success in the long run, they will have two things in common: passion and drive. For many, both seem relatively similar and try to accomplish the same result; however, there is a key difference which only a few comprehend.

While passion pulls you towards something you can’t resist, drive pushes you towards something you feel committed to do. And understanding this sets you apart from the rest on the journey.

Flightdocs, a leading aviation solution provider, credits the success of the organization to these factors. The company comprehends the key difference between these two factors and has combined them in order to grow organically. Regarded as the industry disruptor, Flightdocs has built the entire company from the ground up through its passion, drive and commitment to customer service.

Flightdocs ventured into the aviation industry in 2003 launching the first, fully web-based aircraft maintenance tracking platform. Over the next 15 years, the Flightdocs team continued to evolve the product, working directly with aircraft operators to deliver leading edge features and functionality to aviation.

Today, Flightdocs’ Enterprise platform is viewed as the best in the industry. With maintenance tracking, inventory management and flight operations all under one unified platform, Flightdocs keeps the entire department on one page, streamlining communication and the flow of data. The platform was built with a modern, intuitive interface that requires minimal training and is supported by an unmatched customer service team that serves as the backbone of the company. With the motto “new school technology, old school support,” the company strives to solve the problems of customers with urgency and accuracy.

Unlike other companies that compromise customer support, Flightdocs ensures that its team is available 24/7/365 for its customers. “Our technology has always been progressive and engineered to solve day to day issues, but the core of the company lies in its commitment to the customer. We have always 24/7/365 and U.S.-based. As our company has grown, we have scaled our operations to ensure that those core values remain intact,” states Rick Heine, Chairman, CEO, Flightdocs.

Another aspect that distinguishes Flightdocs from its peers is its commitment and investment in innovation. Flightdocs was the first company in the maintenance tracking space to have a web-based, mobile solution.

“We were the first to be in the market with an iPad application, fully compliant electronic signature, comprehensive and integrated inventory management and most recently an end-to-end flight department solution that has been ushered in with the announcement of flight operations,” tells Heine.

Forward-thinking Flightdocs Organizations operating in the aviation industry still face a host of challenges such as physical paperwork, outdated and clunky software solutions and many more. As a forward-thinking company, Flightdocs eliminates the tediousness and error-prone ways of the past. In providing a software solution, Flightdocs has helped its customers to usher in a new era of efficiency, accuracy, safety and speed. “As the industry slowly acclimates to more modern solutions for its processes, Flightdocs remains at the forefront, ensuring a viable and easy-to-transition solution,” adds Heine.

Bolstered by quintessential technology and best-in-class customer service, Flightdocs has created the most advanced flight department management system in the industry. With a team comprised of innovators committed to addressing the needs of aviation customers, the company is constantly fine-tuning and perfecting the current software solutions, while considering the needs for future products and services. “While the technology itself is a key differentiator of the company, it is the people and their passion and drive that make Flightdocs special,” states Heine.

Moreover, the company takes pride in staying connected with customers and providing them with immediate support and solutions to ensure that they are operating at maximum efficiency. “When it comes to customer service, our service has been coined as ‘old school’ because it is indeed old-fashioned in its nature. When a customer calls, we just pick up the phone – it’s that simple,” adds Heine. Also, Flightdocs prides itself on live interactions and providing its customers with the time and respect they deserve to help ensure that its solutions are exceeding the expectations of consumers.

From the initial stages of the journey, the company’s goal has always been to improve the way flight departments operate. From technician efficiency, to increased uptime, to realizing significant cost savings, Flightdocs’ dedication to modernizing the industry is clear in the solutions they deliver to their customers. Going forward, the company intends to continue its journey as a technical trailblazer by continuing to innovate and deliver new tools to its current customers, new segments of aviation, and beyond. Keep your eye out for what they have coming in the near future.


"Flightdocs prides itself on live interactions and providing its customers with the time and respect they deserve to help ensure that its solutions are exceeding the expectations of consumers"