Effective marketing strategies to market a tech startup

You have a promising idea that has the potential to add value to the lives of thousands, or even millions, of people and change their lives for the better. Do you think that just these factors are sufficient enough to propel your startup venture all by itself?

Think again. It is not just sufficient for a tech startup to devote a large chunk of time devising a concept that can save the world, literally or figuratively.

Rather it is the awareness of your idea and concept among the people whom you intend to serve is going to matter a lot.

So, being a technology company, creating awareness about your startup and the services and solutions you provide may not be your forte. However, you can learn some of the things from marketing and communications experts to market your tech firm and tech products.

1. Display advertising

Display advertising is still relevant as it was years back mostly because of the surge in the programmatic advertising. This makes it easier than ever before to extend hands to the target audience with the right message that holds meaning and solution for them.

In case you are not using display advertisements to serve up remarketing messages, the risk of foregoing potential revenue is huge. After initiating display advertising, it’s advisable to test the ads across several platforms including Facebook, Google, LinkedIn, and Bing.

2. Organic social media

Organic social media has several forms, starting from publishing articles on LinkedIn, to joining the discussion on a trending hashtag, as well as empowering employees to act on the behalf of your organization.

As part of organic social media, you can take part in Facebook groups and answer questions on Quora. Also, you can seek out discussions that are relevant to the solution you provide and find a way to help out.

3. Paid search

Paid search enables you to foresee the intent behind a search and cater to it as per that. Although transactional queries are more likely to be pricier, they tend to result in a direct conversion. On the other hand, informational queries are more likely to be cheaper to bid on and they are a great option in case the company is looking to generate leads by offering webinars and white papers.

4. Content marketing

Content marketing encompasses audio, videos, imagery, written content, among many more. This form of marketing can be entertaining, educational, or inspirational depending on the context. This is an important element of an inbound marketing strategy as it revolves around the plan to create the kind of content that people actively search for.

5. On-site activity

You can make the most of your website by split testing, search engine optimization, conversion rate optimization, and several other techniques. These things will enable you to enhance the total conversion rate of your website and will reap you great dividends for time to come.

6. Direct email

Direct email is effective due to its low barrier to entry as well as due to its personalization and automation options. Developing and looking after an email list is important for any marketer as it is another owned asset that they can have complete control.

7. Guerrilla marketing

Guerrilla marketing is a non-traditional method of advertising that is all about taking risks and trying out things, by considering out of the box ideas and finding new ways, which have been totally overlooked by others. Guerilla marketing aims at catching the attention of people, mainly target audience, at places where they least expect it.

8. PR campaign

Public relations campaigns are especially well-tailored for technology companies as new technologies are popular among a diverse group of people. Even as some tech startups are able to work with a professional PR firm, there are other options available for other tech companies to start with PR campaigns.

There are exclusive publications dedicated to the tech startups domain who does draft a press release about any tech company, thereby ensuring that it contains an angle that can pique the interests of a wide range of people and develop an amicable business relationship among people.

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