OPROMA: Delivering High- Quality, Customer-Oriented eDiscovery services

Oproma provides a new innovative way of cataloguing, analyzing and performing actions on information in a converging eDiscovery industry.

e-Discovery as a technology aided business process

For companies facing litigation, eDiscovery is a crucial countermeasure to help you stay ahead of new changes in the law. A single court ruling on an expensive legal proceeding can hinge on the contents of a few files. For a strong and defensible eDiscovery procedure, companies must be able to preserve, collect, review and exchange pertinent electronically stored information (ESI). Now, some organizations approach eDiscovery as a key technology to improve business processes and to ensure better understanding of their data needs. Such companies enjoy benefits such as reduced costs, minimized errors, reduced risks, increased efficiency and enhanced productivity. ‘Oproma’,an advanced information intelligence software development company, is an up-and-coming player specializing in eDiscovery services. Oproma, a company with a former focus on SaaS/Cloud Solutions and Information Governance (IG), has expanded its IG solution into the market space of Information Intelligence with eDiscovery. Founded in 2000, headquartered in Quebec, Canada, the company provides services such as digital asset transformations, web and content migrations, assessments, ROT clean-up, and GDPR compliance evaluations. Shawn Cruise, CEO of the company says, “We provide a new innovative way of cataloguing, analyzing and performing actions on information in a converging eDiscovery industry. Our automation services accelerate digital service delivery, while maintaining the highest accuracy and providing the best client experience. Oproma stands alone in speed, catalogue and index size and insight into complex information sets.”

‘M.i2 Core’ platform—eDiscovery specialist

Oproma eDiscovery solutions allow for easy asset exploration and discovery through simple and interactive visualizations. Clients can rapidly identify the location, state and disposition of previously hidden valuable enterprise content. The CEO shares, “Using pattern recognition, image identification, and our new Neural Net services, we can find and protect sensitive/high-risk content – in real time - without disrupting business operations.These tools increase precision, privileged content recall, highlight crucial relevant evidence and streamline eDiscovery. "We can analyze and filter vast volumes of vital business assets, including personally identifiable information (PII). Further, we work closely with our legal partner, Noticia LLP, to ensure these features are effective and intuitive for legal team to use.”

While traditional eDiscovery solutions have become overpriced and outdated, Oproma’s ‘M.i2 Core’, Mobilized Information Intelligence Software, is delivering enterprise class, end-to-end digital asset eDiscovery, analytics and data management solutions. M.i2 Core is empowered by a high-performance content ingestion engine which connects to virtually any source to produce a normalized catalogue of target data, pinpointing any PII or privileged data for exclusion/integrated redaction. High-level AI Analytics provide usage patterns and key metrics allowing clients to make informed decisions.

John Turner, CTO of Oproma explains, “The M.i2 Core platform has a cloud-based ‘Secure Asset Repository’ capable of safeguarding, processing sensitive data and is equipped with full audit reporting capabilities. With the power of M.i2 Core, organizations can trace and bring value to unstructured content. It supports corporate investigations, sensitive data identification, data loss detection and corporate policy violations within a single tool. We can quickly introduce new technology advances to meet the clients’ requirements. The M.i2 Core solution utilizes powerful AI functions to identify, classify and extract any information that may be sensitive or considered PII. Data privacy, from an application and solution perspective, is built-in to all Oproma’s solutions.”

Thriving business approaching an even brighter future

Oproma’s commitment to ‘Security by Design’ is their most valuable business asset. Safeguarding digital assets is built into their foundation. Shawn says, “Our biggest market differentiator is our ability to quickly discover, classify and extract vast amounts of valuable content and metadata across various repositories within a unified view. Our powerful AI processing capability and culling techniques minimize expensive legal costs and time required for review and analysis. Clients come to us with a business need and we listen. With our extensive capabilities, we provide custom and robust solutions to almost any problem.” The company’s service portfolio says it all—upwards of 10,500 completely satisfied customers with clients such as Department of Justice, Health Canada and Global Affairs Canada.

Oproma’s C-level management continually inspires employees who pass on lessons and expertise to partners such as Adobe, Noticia LLP and Aftia. Marc Pageau, Executive Chairman and President informs that their employees are passionate about technology, software-building and open-source projects. Shawn expresses, “Oproma’s vision is to become the smart information tier for all data sources and reshape the landscape of digital asset transformation. We aim to be the Go-To Assets Service Bus for AI platforms, information discoveries, digital transformations and more. We will also extend our services into the emerging small and medium size business market. By pushing the limits of Neural Nets of the Oproma M.i2 Core Engine with new AI capabilities in the next 12 months, we want to become the smartest actionable information highway on the market.”


"Oproma’s ‘M.i2 Core’, Mobilized Information Intelligence Software, is delivering enterprise class, end-to-end digital asset eDiscovery, analytics and data management solutions"

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