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TECHEOL Ensuring optimal wind farm output with end-to-end upkeep services

TECHEOL Ensuring optimal wind farm output with end-to-end upkeep services

TECHEOL Ensuring optimal wind farm output with end-to-end upkeep services

The modern wind power industry is seeing new trends unfold such as increased energy purchases, utilization as more investments continue to come in.Newer technology is helping today’s wind farms generate more electricity at a lower cost. However, despite its commendable growth, the industry still faces a difficult question—how can we balance energy supply with increasing demand? In order to answer this question and to realize a sustainable energy future, we must begin with optimization services offered by green energy solution providers.

Chief among them is‘TECHÉOL’, a technical and maintenance services provider for wind farms, based out of Quebec, Canada. The company’s story begins in 2007, when entrepreneurs Marc Poirier, Evan Mulrooney, Gervais Poirier and Jasmin Poirier set up the wind turbine services business together. With only six technicians employed and working with a low budget, they served to the best of their capabilities. For this reason, their technical expertise attracted admirers. Steadily, the company persisted and their reputation greatened.

Over the years, the company has secured more contracts, satisfied many customers, offered newer services as well as employed more in-field technicians. Evan Mulrooney, the vice-president and co-founder of the companyupdates, “TECHÉOL, our wind turbine maintenance company, is now recognized by almost all major wind turbines and equipment manufacturers, owners and operators in the industry from around the world, employing approximately 130 field technicians. Today, we are deploying our services all over Canada, USA and Mexico.”

TECHÉOL is actively addressing two key challenges that customers face today: Firstly, non-OEM customers’ depend on costly OEM solutions for repairs and upgrades. Secondly, the price of wind energy is decreasing. By providing their non-OEM customers with cost effective solutions and optimization services, customers reduce downtime and increase their ROI.With their predictive and preventive maintenance services, their customers ensure reliability in their turbines ensuring optimal output.Furthermore, the company is also helping customers prepare against unexpected down-time.

TECHÉOL’s offerings cover all key areas: troubleshooting, monitoring, repairs, maintenance, cleaning, lubrication, corrections,replacements, inspections, assembly/dismantling and alignment services.The company now offers ACUVANETM, an exclusive laser wind vane alignment system,able to optimize global wind farm production with North America’s patented technology. Their latest offering is ‘Icephobic coating’. Enabled through a recent partnership, this easy-to-apply coating ensures anti-icing / de-icing as well as prevents frost build-up on blades up to 36 months.

Evan provides more insight into their service model, “More so than our technical services, our key to success is our communication and service customization. We dedicate a project manager to every client to be their first point of contact to attend to any requirement.With our immense experience, carefully selected partners and technologies; we can confidently address any problem which may arise on the farm.” At TECHÉOL, all employees follow a strict quality regime amounting inlesser downtime, cost-effectiveness and heightened performance of the turbine. Every technician is trained before being dispatched to the field. Through cross-training, technicians further sharpen their skills, increase their availability and reduce costs. Within each division, an internal specialist monitors the technicians’ works and is also answerable to the customers’ concerns.

Evan adds further, “We value our employees. We encourage them to excel. Therefore, we facilitate overall performance, development and long-term success. Our entire team works with heart and energy to develop an industry we are passionate about. TECHÉOL firmly believes that our technicians’ skills are the cornerstones of our quality commitment. No compromise is tolerated regarding their health and safety. We follow strict safety regulations to the letter as each employee follows mandatory industry procedure. All personal protective equipment is inspected by employees on a daily basis.As the working conditions on a wind farm are high-risk zones, no effort is spared regarding ensuring health and safety measures.”

So far, by serving nine provinces and states, overlooking 40 manned wind farms, having repaired more than 2000 wind turbines, TECHÉOL is creating strong business relationships with wind farms in Canada, US and Mexico. As a result, their leadership in the wind energy industry is being consolidated every day. For this reason, customers trust the company. Their high quality, intelligent and customizable solutions, domain mastery, flexibility, and experience are very well received in the market.

TECHÉOL is driven by the desire to succeed by continually learning and evolving. Now, the company is aiming to become the reference for all the needs of the wind industry across Canada, even more in North America. Evan sums it up, “We have achieved our goals.Today, we have become much more than a wind energy service company as we contribute to the local economy, the creation of sustainable jobs and the promotion of renewable energies. The brand TECHÉOL now symbolizes quality, success and pride. With time, we will continue to succeed even more.”In the future, their permanent office in the US will be opened. The company will commercialize its technical training services and continue to employ more technicians.


More so than our technical services, our key to success is our communication and service customization