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Strategic Business Decisions: Empowering Organizations for Better Decision-Making

Strategic Business Decisions: Empowering Organizations for Better Decision-Making

Strategic Business Decisions: Empowering Organizations for Better Decision-Making

Bita Massoudi, CEO, Strategic Business Decisions Solutions

Decision-making is an important part of every business. Perhaps, it is one of the most important things you do for your businesses. Today, there are many examples of companies that have succeeded and failed due to the decisions they have made along their ways.

While smarter and sound decisions enable organizations to scale their businesses, poor decision-making affects the brand image of many businesses, diminishing their influence in the market. Nevertheless, no businesses can avoid the process of decision- making.

And if we look at companies that have made smarter decisions, they have one thing in common: they apply analytical thinking and rely on facts and data to make sound decisions. This helps them understand the implications of their decisions and measure the impact of their decisions over time.

However, to effectively apply analytical thinking for decision making, organizations need to tell data stories that are compelling and drive actions. This is where Strategic Business Decisions’ solutions excel by providing analytically-driven decision-making tools that help its customers to tell compelling stories that motivate their people, compel their customers, and result in strong positive actions.

Humble Beginnings

Founded in 2012, Strategic Business Decisions started its journey with an in-depth understanding of neuroscience and scientific understanding of the human brain and its role in decision-making. “We wanted to use our knowledge of the brain to help people and organizations make better, smarter decisions,” says Bita Massoudi, CEO Strategic Business Decisions Solutions.

The company’s focus has since evolved to creating analytically-driven decision making and  thereby helping its clients use data effectively to gain greater insights into their business to drive positive actions. With these capabilities in place, today, Strategic Business Decisions helps clients gain better insights into their business.

“At Strategic Business Decisions, we have helped our clients use insights in a variety of situations,” affirms Massoudi. For instance, the company has helped its clients to use their recruiting data to better understand and track the end-to-end recruiting lifecycle from sourcing to on boarding.The insights gleaned from data enable them to identify bottlenecks in their process, utilize resources more effectively, identify effective approaches to recruiting, and increase their pipeline velocity. In order to do this, the company has helped its clients built cloud-based dashboards that are available 24/7 around the globe.

This is just one example. There are tens and hundreds of instances where clients have benefitted from extracting insights from their massive amount of data. From prioritizing investments in building and delivering campaigns to maximizing the return on their BizOps and IT spend, the company helps its clients by providing the right insights into every facet of their businesses. That’s not all.

Besides providing these benefits, the company also trains hundreds of employees on using the data and the dashboards to glean insights for better decisions, thus broadening the impact of the analytics. “Our clients want their management to be laser-focused on running the business and making decisions based on facts. They want the information to be available to their management when needed and in a format that’s easy to understand and easy to consume,” explains Massoudi.

Building Long-Lasting Relationships

Today, Massoudi attributes the key to success to its four pillars: trust, mastery, teamwork, and passion. And they are the reason behind the company’s continued success. “Our focus on excellence gives our clients the trust that we will perform our best. It also gives our consultants the confidence that they will leave behind a legacy of excellence. We work from our clients’ site and deliver high-quality results” tells Massoudi.

The team at Strategic Business Decisions understands their clients well. They realize that their clients don’t have time to analyze their data in significant detail and therefore need a partner that can help them glean the insights they needed. Strategic Business Decisions helps companies gain the knowledge they need with no hassles.

Unlike other data analytics solution providers, over time, the company transfers the knowledge it gained from their business to clients itself, empowering them to build the needed expertise in-house for the long term success of their business. “Our approach to analytics and business insights starts with gaining a good understanding of the main problem from our client’s perspective. This understanding helps us focus on the right data priorities to kick-off our project,” elucidates Massoudi.

Next, the company collects raw data from various client data resources and identifies whether any data is missing or additional data is required to build reports. Subsequently, the company identifies the options for data analysis through analytical approaches to develop the right data engine to drive the analytics. Then, the clean data is visualized using visualization apps such as Power BI, and is presented in the form of dashboards and published in the cloud and refreshed. “This process of getting to the right data fits with a broader analytical problem-solving approach that we use to explore the available data and identify nuggets of insights,”  affirms Massoudi.

Finally, clients will be able to build a story by making a logical connection between the nuggets of insights and key business issues facing their business. Thereafter, the team at Strategic Business Decisions also spring into action helping its clients discovers the key insights that accelerate their business performance by setting the right priorities.

Toward a Better Future

Embracing the ongoing digital transformation, the company is looking forward to continuing its growth by being part of its clients’ transformation. Strategic Business Decisions intends to remain on the leading edge of understanding the technology and the wealth of data that comes with it. “With digital transformation, the volume of data that companies collect through mobile apps, internet of things, distributed ledgers and other business-critical applications will continue to grow,” tells Massoudi.

Moreover, more businesses are moving to the cloud, and they are able to store huge amount of data on it. In Massoudi opinion, companies need to use this proprietary data as well as publicly available data to identify low hanging fruit as well as nuggets of insights that will provide their teams and their organizations with an advantage. In addition, technologies such as AI are also enhancing and complementing the analytics team to sort through large volumes of data and identify patterns and insights. “We have adjusted our overall approach to problem-solving to take advantage of the new digital tools and competencies required us to remain on the leading edge of these evolving technologies to better serve our customers,” concludes Massoudi.


With digital transformation, the volume of data that companies collect through mobile apps, internet of things, distributed ledgers and other business-critical applications will continue to grow