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Renesan Software: A leading software solution provider for dialysis centers

Renesan Software: A leading software solution provider for dialysis centers

Renesan Software: A leading software solution provider for dialysis centers

According to 2018 annual report of U.S Renal Data System (USRDS), nearly 750,000 patients per year in the United States are affected by kidney failure which is also called End Stage Renal Disease (ESRD). Internationally the numbers are staggering. Estimates are that 2 million people worldwide suffer from ESRD, and the number of patients diagnosed with the disease continues to increase at a rate of 5-7% per year. 

Such an alarming increase has placed healthcare experts under huge pressure. Capturing and managing each patient’s data quickly and accurately from various sources (including dialysis machines and labs) has become a cumbersome task for them. Besides, improving efficiency, performance, and decision making to bring better patient outcomes and quality of care is another difficult task. 

But with Renesan Software, these are no more painful areas for them. Founded in 2003 in California, Renesan Software is a leading provider of comprehensive software solutions in the renal (kidney dialysis) segment of the healthcare industry. Its advanced Electronic Health Record (EHR) platform helps medical experts to capture and manage data generated by dialysis clinics, access centers, physician offices, and hospital-based dialysis units speedily and precisely. 

As dialysis is a life-sustaining therapy for patients who suffer from kidney failure, the chances of patients’ survival highly depend on the therapy. It’s very important for enterprises to modify dialysis treatment for better patient outcomes and quality care. Renesan Software’s EHR platform, in this regard, plays a crucial role. It helps physicians and medical experts to quickly capture and manage each patient’s data and save them for future usage. Neeraj says, “The process of using data is two-fold - you must capture all of the right data elements at the appropriate time so that it can be used later when you need it.” 

Moreover, it enables medical experts to analyze the captured data and prepare relevant reports through which they can get the real-time updates of patients’ health. “This is where we get the biggest benefit of the system, we get to see in real time what is going on with our patients as well as the financial health of the business in a way we never have before,” tells Neeraj.

A comprehensive set of products and services

Renesan Software is highly committed to improvising the renal segment of the healthcare industry. The company has added a wide array of products and services in its portfolio, which includes Dialysis Manager – For Dialysis Centers, Access Manager – For Vascular Access Centers, and Billing Manager - Billing Software for Medical Billing and Dialysis-specific billing in a subscription or SaaS-based model. In addition, it includes Custom Application Development, System Integration/Development Services, and Network Consulting and Installation; which are add-ons for customers. 

Through its entire suite of applications and services, the company helps customers to enhance their efficiency and productivity and add value to their operations.  “This is how we add and create value for our customers. We make enterprise software available to our smallest of clients that would otherwise not have access so they can use the best possible tools to manage their patients and provide them with high-quality care,” tells Neeraj.

What makes Renesan Software unique in the market? 

Being a leading solution provider in the healthcare industry, Renesan Software has several traits that help the company to grow in the market. But the one which makes the company stand out in the market is its customer-centric nature. 

“Our customers are our lifeblood. We do not do any development of new functions or features in a vacuum,” affirms Neeraj. Since its inception, Renesan Software has been highly focused to understand its customers’ business and their requirements. Hence, the company has developed products and services that are customized and comprehensive in nature. The company’s philosophy “that our customers know healthcare and we know how to build healthcare software” has helped Renesan Software to become one of the fastest-growing healthcare service providers in the U.S.

Some of its testimonials include, “I have had the opportunity to try out and use almost every Dialysis EMR out there. Renesan is the best available. It is intuitive, well organized and is constantly being refined due to outstanding customer support. Renesan, a cloud-based application, allows me to access my patients’ charts anywhere and anytime,” says Dr Michael Anger, President & Senior Partner, Western Nephrology.

As with its customers, the company also values its employees a lot and feels that employees are the most valuable assets of our company.  “We take care of our employees and they in turn take care of our clients/business. We like to engage the mind of every employee and I feel very good that all of our employees have contributed in their own way to build this company. We have several employees who have been with us for more than 10 years,” adds Neeraj.

Today, Renesan Software has become one of the preferred software partners for its customers. Some of its client’s testimonial justifies it. “As a rapidly growing provider, Concerto has consistently leaned on Renesan to deliver a fully customizable, yet intuitive and simple EMR. With Renesan, the answer is always yes” said by Nosson Factor, COO of Concerto Renal Services.

Moving towards a sustainable future

During the company’s initial phase, Renesan Software experienced several ups and downs in its path. However, with time, the company has overcome all the obstacles and has had immense growth and built a reputed position in the market. Neeraj Sinha, CEO of Renesan Software says, “The journey so far has been interesting, exciting, terrifying, frustrating, satisfying, and exhilarating though not all at once”. 

Moving towards the future, the company aims to remain focused on its customers and build breakthrough SaaS applications which are customized in nature. Besides, the company plans to implement Big Data and other innovative technologies to streamline the process of capturing and managing a huge volume of data. In the end, Neeraj concludes, “We hope to double and even triple our customer base in the years to come and we intend to roll out new applications that will round out our ability to service to an entire renal segment of the healthcare industry.”


Through its entire suite of applications and services, the company helps customers to enhance their efficiency and productivity and add value to their operations.