Raise3D Technologies: Helping Businesses Reach their Full Manufacturing Potential

When an organization establishes a positive culture in its work environment, it will reflect in every aspect of its business, including the quality of products it produces, well-being of the employees, and sales of the products.  This positive culture has been the reason for the success of many companies— from big corporations to new thriving startups. But what are the factors that entail in a positive work culture?

Positive work culture doesn’t just entail one or two factors; it includes a myriad of factors that lead to increased productivity, better employee morale, and the ability to retain skilled workers. And the factors that lead to these positive outcomes include valuing new ways of thinking, promoting the usage of new technologies, fostering innovation, engaging employees and many more.

Raise3D, a 3D printing technology solution provider, is one company that has ingrained  all these factors in its work culture to provide good quality products for its customers Founded on the principles of customer-driven requirements, the company is recognized for its spectrum of quality-oriented products. Among these products, the company places high emphasis on its industrial grade printers that feature massive build volumes, 24/7 reliability, a wide range of material compatibility and high resolution standards.

From relatively modest beginnings Raise3D was able to quickly tap into the pent up needs of additive manufacturing. As the company started addressing the requirements of the industry, Raise3D found that the biggest challenges facing additive manufacturing industry today is general gap in 3D printing knowledge. “There is a need for skilled technicians and engineers, who have the background to design, maintain and operate the machines. Even the most seasoned engineers need to invest in learning the printing profiles of various materials such as bed temp, extruder temp, part orientation etc,” says Marc Franz, Executive Vice President, Raise3D.

The experienced service technicians at Raise3D understood that to tap into the pent up needs of additive manufacturing first the company needs to address this general gap in 3D printing knowledge. For this reason, the company created Raise Academy, a trusted online resource that provides users complimentary access to short “How to Videos” ranging in topics from Unboxing a new Pro2 to updating the motion controller.

Rise to the Top

Today, Patrick Rettew, V.P. Marketing, Raise3D, takes pride in the unique features of its products and services. “Even the very first time you walk around the Pro2 series you’ll immediately notice the fit& finish of a hand crafted commercial grade product built with pride. Send an STL file and watch it print with the silky smooth motion and accuracy of a finely tuned machine,” explains Rettew.

“Also, Raise3D engineers have always placed function at the head of design and will remain true to that mandate. We will continue expanding hardware, software and applications integration to deliver flexible and customizable manufacturing systems that work seamlessly together,” adds Franz.

A key to running a successful company includes having a loyal customer-base.  The team at Raise3D has understood how important the customers are for its business and has built a long standing relationship with them by learning about their businesses, their professions, their customers and solving their problems remarkably.

Customers’ requirements vary according to their industries they come from. Raise3D has taken this into account and has incorporated highly beneficial features into hardware, software, and materials to meet those varied needs of customers. “When our customers asked for large build volumes they got it, when they asked for great software we gave them Ideamaker packed with robust capabilities (included at no charge) and when they requested a variety of filaments for strength, weight reduction and fire resistance we partnered with filament manufactures to not only meet their requirements but also deliver precise profile template presets programmed into Ideamaker,” states Franz.

The company going forward will continue to deliver innovative solutions that enable people and businesses throughout the world to realize their full manufacturing potential. When asked about the milestones that the company seeks to achieve in the years to come, happy Rettew says, “We will carry on our tradition as a leader, an innovator and a global partner. Our products will always reflect our promise to remain a customer centric organization with a clear vision to become the world’s most trusted brand for 3D printing solutions.”

Quote 1: Raise3D engineers have always placed function at the head of design and will remain true to that mandate

Quote 2: Even the very first time you walk around the Pro2 series you’ll immediately notice the fit& finish of a hand crafted commercial grade product built with pride.

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