OpenKM USA-An Industry Leader in Document Management Software

Document management software is here to stay. Digitization has made the process much easier, and we cannot see global businesses returning to time-consuming manual paper processing. Hence, choosing a cost-effective document management approach has become a priority for most of the organizations, especially when information is being created and managed by using modern technologies. It is also important to have a solution that allows for simple search and retrieval of records. Having been closely associated with the open source industry for decades, OpenKM USA is a veteran in the field of document management.

The journey of OpenKM commenced in 2005, when a group of developers and managers had introduced an idea of “Open Source” to help small and large size organizationsdevelop a knowledge management system which could be used by both large and small businesses, without having to spend large sums of money. The idea turned into reality with the funding from the Spanish Government through the National Program of Services Technologies for the Information Society. In 2007, the company decided to launch its first version of the product called Open Knowledge Management.

In 2017, with the goal of providing better customer relations in all regions, OpenKM established subsidiaries in Canada, France, Germany, Indonesia, Italy, Poland the MENA region and the USA. The new branches were created to have staff better able to respond to the needs of local customers and those interested in OpenKM. Mario Zules is currently the president and CEO of OpenKM USA which is a Florida registered corporation.

Gaspar Palmer, Partner at OpenKM, says “We have experienced support staff that can teach beginners, migrate documents out of their current systems. OpenKM itself is designed with openness and customization in mind at all levels, integrations with third-party software and automation that let our application work for you, with the knowledge that you control your documents, not anyone else.

The company continues to design and launch new product and services including many features, add-ins, plugins, extensions, and modules to expand your knowledge management beyond just managing documents. OpenKM is dedicated not only to providing customers with powerful and flexible tools for knowledge management but maintaining and supporting them, as well. With OpenKM Cloud there is no need to maintain a server or other expensive hardware, and with both the Cloud and Professional versions, the company’s personnel are on call to answer questions, provide technical assistance and resolve issues.In 2011 and 2012, OpenKM started translating the application to over 35 languages and allowing the Document Management System to be used worldwide, by creating a network of partners.

In order to upgrade its products and provide more flexible and powerful solutions, OpenKM is focussed on improving all aspects of its clients’ businesses; from delivering –maintaining- supporting. However, as technology becomes more advance day-by-day, sometimes it becomes difficult for the enterprises to successfully integrate new tools and solutions into document management. Clients with no experience in technology find it hard to manage their documents electronically. At times, they are stuck with their legacy applications which don’t support the current process requirements. OpenKM, with its experienced and dedicated workforce, is a valuable partner for them. After evaluating each client’s cases and requirements, the company organizes customized training programs, which helps them to have more understanding of the products and its features and helps them to fix their issues.

The company has worked with some of the leading organizations in the industry to help them deploy new technologies and maintain high quality of service. Counted among the leaders in the document management space, OpenKM has been able to rise above the intense competition to create a niche of its own.  It has a strong focus on technology deployment and integration services, and offers repeatable, consistent, high-quality and timely technology solutions to its customers.

In the coming future, the company is planning to raise its sales percentage in the US by spreading awareness about OpenKM and joining hands with more partners across the nation. Mario concludes, “Our current goals are to continue building partnerships at all levels with our customers, partners and third-party applications that give us the ability to offer a comprehensive solution in any organizational environment, with the firm objective of achieving the best possible user experience”.


OpenKM is dedicated not only to providing customers with powerful and flexible tools for knowledge management but maintaining and supporting them, as well

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