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interworks cloud: The Automation Platform that Every Cloud Business Organization Needs

interworks cloud: The Automation Platform that Every Cloud Business Organization Needs

interworks cloud: The Automation Platform that Every Cloud Business Organization Needs

In today’s fast-changing business landscape, organizations are undergoing a major digital transformation with the adoption of cloud solutions. As cloud products help organizations eliminate the traditional methods of operations, organizations are able to increase customer satisfaction and bring in better  scalability, mobility, and security into their organizations. But to maximize such benefits and transform their businesses, they also need to examine what their needs are and need to accordingly align cloud solutions with their business goals.

Keeping an eye on the new trends in cloud technologies is also a key to stay ahead of competition., an award-winning CSP automation platform, is one such company that helps businesses take their cloud operations to the next level! Before jumping into the benefits of deploying a solution like the platform, let's delve into the journey of the company and see how it has evolved into one of the sought-after cloud automation platforms of today.

The journey begun in 2001, with various challenges on the road. Some of the dificulies faced were the legacy code which could impede productivity of features from time-to-time and of course discovering top talent is always challenging. However, with its willingness to succeed, structured work ethic, a great plan, and effort to engage with talented individuals, the company overcame every challenge along its way and managed to become one of the leading cloud automation platforms worldwide.  Relaxing on the journey and success, Tasos Tsipidis, Product Owner at says, “Through the years, we have had our ups and downs multiple times, yet our passion to create better software remained strong, and now is more powerful than ever. As the path in front of us becomes even more vivid and clear, we understand that there is a long way ahead, yet we can't help but get excited and humbly think the following:improvise adapt and eventually overcome.”

A Platform that offers a wide range of benefits

Organizations are increasingly adopting cloud technology to capitalize on the benefits and meet their ever-increasing requirements. While organizations having employed cloud technologies get a wide array of benefits, companies that are still relying on traditional technology are at the risk of being left behind. Finding the right cloud automation platform that can offer flexibility and act as a back born for innovation can sometimes be a hard task. This is where comes in.The platform is designed to provide seamless automation of billing, provisioning and invoicing of all cloud services. The platform’s wide array of features enables Microsoft CSPs, Distributors, and ISVs to grow their cloud ecosystems by creating a custom-branded marketplace for their customers and resellers. Moreover, it helps raise their sales by automating billing, ordering, payment and support processes. The platform combines the flexibility of a complete cloud management platform with the power of a Microsoft CSP automation solution. It includes a customizable marketplace, an automated provisioning engine, a powerful billing engine and modules for customer relationship management, business reporting, resellers’ management, noificaions and more.

A prime aspect, which makes separate from its rivals, is its state-of-art technological infrastructure and its teams’ long experience in developing business solutions, which contribute to the endless development of highly innovative products and services.

Vassilis Zografos, CEO at expresses, “The key differentiator of our solution is the way we innovate day-to-day via our state-of-the-art automations, which we always secure that are 100% functioning and updated”. Its unique online service automation and robust billing engine address the major pains of Microsoft CSPs and help them focus on the selling process rather than managing their day-to-day operations. Because of’s powerful Cloud Business-as-a-Service platform combined with huge efforts, hard work, passion, and agile way of working, the company has received several rewards and recognitions such as “Case Study of the year (2016), Red Herring Top 100 Winner (Global), and Red Herring Top 100 Winner (Europe).

Vassilis says, “Our key to success is that we set  the right foundations from day one”.  As a customer-centric cloud service provider, has never compromised on the quality of services.  This has helped them to ensure the 100 percent success of both new and existing customers. Vassilis says, “With advanced onboarding and training for new customers and an innovative and unified support system for our existing ones, we take no risks in our clients' success.” To improve the eficiency of products and introduce more innovative and tailored solutions, the company’s Customer Success  and Customer Engagement departments  conduct a regular product surveys and customer satisfaction surveys. Also, the company makes the best effort to listen and adapt to customers’ demand for new features, new integrations, and tools that will help them expand their business. This has helped them built a long-lasing relationship with customers. Some of their testimonials include, "The Marketplace functionality is an excellent solution for providing cloud services to our partners" said by Hermann Ramacher, CEO, Advanced Digital Network Distribution GmbH, Microsoft Indirect CSP, Germany. Currently, the company is going through major transformation driven by its own growth which includes its capacity, clear vision and company’s goals. The company has achieved huge success and is still aiming for excellence. Going forward, the company’s roadmap includes the complete rebranding of its control panel and storefront and integration with multiple new software vendors along with the introduction of other Key cloud Vendors for partners. Vassilis concludes, “What we desire for the future, is to make distributors’ and service providers’ lives easier and more profitable through our automation platform and integrations, but also enhance and optimize the experience of resellers and end-customers, by providing the best marketplace experience.


With advanced onboarding and training for new customers and an innovative and unified support system for our existing ones, we take no risks in our clients' success.