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Gate Labs- Delivering Sophisticated Smart lock Solutions

Gate Labs- Delivering Sophisticated Smart lock Solutions

Gate Labs- Delivering Sophisticated Smart lock Solutions

In 2014, as senior engineers Danial Ehyaie and Harvey Ho worked at Google and Qualcomm, they found it difficult to manage their household tasks. They led busy lives, worked long hours, and traveled often. It became difficult to always be home to do things like let in the dry cleaning and laundry delivery, or accept grocery boxes and cleaners. Danial and Harvey needed a way to give secure verified access to people who needed to enter their homes while they were away. 

The co-founders soon realized they weren’t the only ones facing this problem; many working men and women across the country were grappling with the demands of modern life on a daily basis. A busy lifestyle prevented a dog walker, nanny, or kids coming home from school from safely entering the house. 

So they started thinking through how to solve this problem. This led to the inception of Gate Labs, and the birth of their flagship product—Gate—the first all-in-one video smart lock. “The co-founders of the company quit their jobs to solve this problem and by pooling together their technical expertise, they built Gate, the first all-in-one video smart lock,” says David Varnai, VP of Marketing at Gate Labs. 

Today, Gate Labs is a leading smart lock maker located in San Francisco, California. The company delivers high-tech smart lock solutions that enable users to provide trusted and reliable access to their home for family, friends, common household services and deliveries while they are away from their home. Gate is especially popular with Airbnb hosts.

Groundbreaking Solutions

“The Gate smart lock is the only home security unit that can provide what we call ‘Trusted Access,” affirms David. It is a tech-powered virtual doorman which attends to visitors at an entrance twenty-four-seven. When someone visits the property, the Gate smart lock automatically alerts owners with a notification on their smartphones. Unlike traditional smart locks which don’t have a high-definition camera, the Gate smart lock has a motion-triggered video camera that live-streams videos directly to the owner’s phone and generates a two-way audio call. This enables owners to visually authenticate visitors and provide them with trusted entry without being physically present there. 

Gate easily connects to Wi-Fi and is managed with a smartphone, without any wiring, enabling it to provide users the benefit of monitoring their home from anywhere and at any time. Highly modernized lock codes can be customized to specific family members, guests, or delivery personnel and can be changed at any moment to accommodate a particular visitor. By installing the Gate smart lock on doors, users can eliminate all the concerns with regard to security and be comfortable with what’s happening at their homes.

Gate Smart Lock: Different From Other Smart Locks

Gate is not a limited lock system that provides users with one solution. It is a multifunctional home security system that combines multiple solutions into one device. To achieve the video, audio, security, and remote access features of Gate, one would need to purchase four separate devices from competitors. But Gate is a single compact unit that replaces the deadbolt. This, in turn, enables users to save money and time by reducing their dependency on multiple devices and providers.

David gives an example: “One of our customers replaced his 3-piece home access system, consisting of a security camera, a video doorbell, and a smart lock, with Gate. One unit, instead of three, reduces the number of points of failure and provides more reliable operation.”

This is where the Gate smart lock makes a difference in the market and stands out as a preferable smart lock solution for both customers and businesses. Forbes Magazine called it “the most sophisticated smart lock,” Inc. Magazine named it the “virtual doorman,” and CNET referred to Gate as the “Swiss Army knife of smart locks.”

Summer Pricing Promotion: Gate Labs’ Recent Offer

“We tested several promotional offers in preparation for summertime when many people take vacations and work on home improvement projects,” said David. “We are thrilled to offer our video smart lock at a compelling price point to help homeowners and short-term vacation rental managers maintain safe and secure residences as they gear up for a busy summer end.”

Gate Labs presents its latest offer: a special summer pricing promotion. Gate smart locks, which regularly sell for $349 online, is now available for purchase with the following special price plans:

  • Save $160. Regularly $349 now just $189 when you purchase the Gate Smart Lock with a two-year Premier Plus service plan.
  • Save $100. Regularly $349 now just $249 when you purchase the Gate Smart Lock with a free Basic service plan.

In the near future, the company plans to announce several other exciting promotions and offers.

How Gate Labs Envisions the Future

“Our vision is to have Gate installed on every door in the country,” said David. “We want to give people greater flexibility and security to provide trusted access to their homes and businesses. There will no longer be a need for hiding physical keys under the doormat. We are creating a future where you no longer need to be home to accept packages, services, and guests.”

With this mission, Gate Labs has become one of the key players leading the smart city revolution across the United States.


The Gate smart lock is the only home security unit that can provide what we call Trusted Access.